A Positive Sense Of Self

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Just imagine, you are a teenage girl who suffers from depression and anxiety. How do you escape it? Good morning everyone, I’m Jade and today I will be presenting you with two websites that promote an assured sense of self in teenagers today. These two websites are and, and they work towards creating a healthier mindset for teenagers in our modern society. is a highly reputable website that offers supportive guides that improve the mentality of Australians of any age. They provide support services that are beneficial in helping you access assistance in any situation, services that are specific to your problems and they offer many options for reaching these services. They provide extensive information on their websites through various different links, a few examples being: who these illnesses affect, the facts and statistics, how to get involved, healthy places to be and how to prevent wellbeing issues and the information is easily obtainable. On the website, you can access real-life stories that may assist in getting over mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety.

Having these interactive educational resources makes it easier for teenagers to develop skills to overcome their illness. There are links that are aimed specifically at certain age groups, religions, races and sexualities. Having different categories is helpful in that they are age appropriate and particular to what group certain people belong to, making it easier to feel a sense of belonging. The website offers forums for people who understand what you are going through so you are able to communicate your feelings with people who are empathetic with you and see things from your perspective. You can access beyondblue via their website, or through their many social media pages which are: FaceBook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram and LinkedIn. You can also call them, email them and chat with them through forums and also access their other website which is a worldwide website for youth By having these resources, people of any age group, but specifically teenagers, can access them as a majority of teenagers have these sorts of social media accounts. All up, this is promoting a healthy wellbeing and sense of self for not just teenage girls, but everyone.

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