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A Problem Of Overpopulation

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The human population is in constant growth. Right now we are nearly 7 billion people but every second 2 million people are born. There are around i billion teenagers right now, which means that they will have children. It is estimated that by 2050 the population will increase to 9 billion. 10 million of the population will be in Britain, 1 hundred in United States and most of the population in India. Japan, Germany and Russia’s population will decrease. This way according to statistics the least developed countries are going to increase their population. Most people’ life has gotten better, life rates has been reduced, there have been lost of medical advances and thanks to modern farming methods the production of agriculture have increased. As an result the power of the population is indefinitely grater than the power in the earth to produce subsistence. The productive capacity of the earth has physical limits, and those limits determine how many humans beings can be support.

Water is one of the most fundamentals resources humans need for living. Water covers about 70% of the earth’s surface, which only 2/4 % of it is fresh water that is either locket up in mountains or in glaciers. Of the fresh water only 1% is usable, a very small amount considering the growing population we have. Right now 1 billion people are facing a water shortage, and of we continue like this in 20 years half of the people will not have access to it. Most people don’t realize the amount of water they use, they think its just what they consume directly but what about the clothes we wear, the coffee or beer we drink. In a shirt it takes 3 thousand liters of water, in a beer like about 1 hundred 15 liters and in a coffee like 1 hundred and 20 liters. Water shortage can be seen from space, large areas of rivers or lakes being replaced by just land. This evidence stat to pressure people and makes them take actions. One of these actions is a procedure called desalination, which makes sea water into potable water. As all procedures, it has some disadvantages. It requires a lot of energy and it is very expensive. We need to start making conciseness about our how and how much water we consume daily. If we keep just the same way its not just our children who’ll have to live without water, but ourselves.

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As the population increases, the demand of food keeps growing. Every time more land is needed for agriculture, which have to severe implications. One is that for agriculture a massive amount of water is needed and if we have not enough water we will not have food. The second one is all the damage we make to the environment by destroying ecosystem just to create places for agriculture. As there is not enough land to expand to people started racing productivity by using synthetic fertilizers and mechanized processes. With industrialization they managed to triple the farming use, this way they made a efficient way of producing enough food for the population. The problem here is that the less develop countries still use traditional farming methods and this way they don’t make enough food to feed its people. To maintain food supplies some of the rich countries in the world are acquiring large tracts of land from some of the poorest. There is a global competition for who has more land. For example China has done this with Africa, Kazakhstan, Mexico and Brazil. Saudi Arabia with Sudan and as them many more countries have intensive forming methods and export food back to their countries.

Of all, one of the resources that has transformed everything is energy. Its demand increases every year. We depend on the fossil fuels in form of oil for fertilizers, pesticides and mechanization, which are needed to produce food for a expanding population. Per day we approximately use 85 million barrels. The energy demand is predicted to increase 40% in the next 2 decades. This for of energy have a long term effects to the environment and species. The impact that industrialization has upon the natural world is 10% on coral reefs, 70% on plants and 50% on mammals. How we treat the planet determines how many people the world can sustain. People get motivates to protect the planet for two reasons: because of their moral to protect species or self interest, thinking that the more we damage the more we threatened out survival. The productive bio capacity of earth is measured in globals hectors. If bio capacity was shared fairly each country would correspond 2 global hectors, the problem is that countries like US are abusing it by more than four times. We are exceeding the productive capacities of the earth.

Humanity needs to reduce its impact on the world because by now to support current life we are needing an earth and a half. There are three ways action we can take: stop consuming so many resources, change technology and reduce the growth of the population. For the last one there is no need of taking drastic actions like China did with the ” one kid policy” but just with education women tend to have less children. We need to take this actions quickly before its too late.


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