A Project Report on "Online Book Rental System"

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A Project Report On “Online Book Rental System”

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Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Problem Statement
    Objectives and Aim
    Problem Specification
    Plan of Your Work
  • System Requirement Specification
  • Introduction
  • Purpose
  • General Description Books
  • Functional Requirements
  • Technical Issues

We are the students of Information Technology Branch, having enrollment number 150470116042, 150470116019 respectively enrolled at V. V. P. Engineering College hereby certify and declare the following:

  1. 1. We have defined our project based on inputs at VVP ENGG. COLLEGE and each of us will make significant efforts to make attempt to solve the challenges. We will attempt the project work at my college or at any location under the direct and consistent monitoring of Prof. Vishakha Sanghavi. We will adopt all ethical practices to share credit amongst all the contributors based on their contributions during the project work.
  2. 2. We have not purchased the solutions developed by any 3rd party directly and the efforts are made by we under the guidance of guides.
  3. 3. The project work is not copied from any previously done projects directly. (Same project can be done in different ways but if it has been done in same manner before then it may not be accepted)
  4. 4. We understand and accept that he above declaration if found to be untrue, it can result in punishment/cancellation of project definition to we including failure in the subject of project work.


The satisfaction that accompanies the successful completion of task would be incomplete without the mention of the people who made it possible, whose constant guidance, support and encouragement crown all the efforts with success. My sincere thanks to Principal Dr. Jayesh Deshkar, H. O. D. of I. T. department Prof. Darshana H. Patel for having consented to be the guide and for their valuable guidance and support during the preparation of this project. Also, Prof. Vishakha Sanghavi of I. T. Department helped us to work out on the software side of our project. Last but not the least, our sincere dedication and keen to learn something new helped us to achieve success in the project. I would also like to thank to GOD, my family and friends who have been a constant source of inspiration.

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The project entitles “Online Book Rental Portal” is a very effective,feasible online portal which fecilites the readers to read the books,magazines,journals on a very,much reliable rent. If a reader wants to read a book he/she has to purchase the book,where he/she has to give much money or he/she can go to libarary to lend a book where firstly he/she has to be a member and he/she has to follow the libaray rules and regulations like he has to return the book at specified date. So lot of time and money gets wasted in these. But with our portal situation becomes very easy. The person which is having the book can give the book on rent for some days at a reasonable rent and can gain money and on the contrary those who want to rent a book can communicate with the book giver through our portal.


Problem Statement

In today’s busy and digital world,there are lot more day-to-day real life solutions are upcoming in the society. So we have come up to solve the problems of readers,students who are more connected with the books. The person who is having some books and that book proves to be useless after he had read that book. So he might don’t use that book or some time he will throw that book and on the other side the book users who want that book has to purchase that book from the retailer and has to give the high price for that.

Objectives and Aim

To provide a better,feasible,user interactive web portal where the both book giver and book receiver can be faciliated. The main objective is to built a web application for providing rental facality of books,magazines to the user,where he can give a book on a rent or lend a book on rent.

Problem Specification

Using our plateform,both parties problem will get solved. Person which is possessing any book will get some sort of rent price so he will get benifitted and the person who want to read the book can get a book at a much less price and should return that book as per the norms and conditions decided.


Users of these portal first of all will register their details. They will see the list of books which they can take on rent. If users want to give a book on rent then they can upload the book details like Book Title,Author name,etc on the portal. If user want to take a book on rent and in case it is not available then they can generate a request for their demanded book and their request will be displayed on the home page of the portal.

Plan of Your Work

Phase 1: - Analysis of the definition of the project.

Phase 2: - Discussed with senior, guide, subject experts about the modules of the project.

Phase 3: - Found better solutions to deal with the problems and obstacles.

Phase 4: - Decided technology and framework to work on.

Phase 5: - Created database and sample front end.

Materials and Tools Required

We are going to use following tools for developing as well as designing.

  • Sublime Text
  • My Sql
  • Html
  • Css
  • Bootstrap
  • Java
  • Javascript / jQuery
  • AJAX2. 0 Analysis, Design, Methodology

System Requirement Specification


This SRS gives complete information about the Online book rental system. It is the online portal in which anyone can rent book of their choice.


Defining and describing the functions and specifications of the Book Rental System is the primary goal of this Software Requirements Specification (SRS).


Users of these portal first of all will register their details. They will see the list of books which they can take on rent. If users want to give a book on rent then they can upload the book details like Book Title,Author name,etc on the portal. If user want to take a book on rent and in case it is not available then they can generate a request for their demanded book and their request will be displayed on the home page of the portal, and all the users will get notification about the requested book. And finally they can pay for the books they want on rent.


The main objective of the project is to search and rent a book based on title and author. It will also helpthe users to know about the latest books in the market. The selected books are displayed in a tabular format and the user can order their books online through cash on delivery.

General Description Books

Rental System provides a solution to reduce and optimize these expenses. authorised customers do not need to go to the factual shops to choose and bring the books it saves time and save human efforts. The customer can save money up to 75% of the book price. Also reusing books proves helpful to save nature.

Functional Requirements


  • · The system should provide a registration page for users.
  • · User and admin must be verified using login module.
  • · System should provide a search book mechanism.
  • · The system should provide complete details of books along with cover page.
  • · The customer should be able to rent book.
  • · Rent should be calculated on the basis of period of rent and market price of book.
  • · Order id and user id must be given to customer by system.
  • · Customer should be able to return book
  • · Admin should be able to add, update and delete books.

Admin should be able to view the registered users and remove them if required

Technical Issues

This site required internet connection to be started. So this can be Technical issue. Another technical issue is when some speed problem occur user can not see their actual data.


In general by this project one can rent book from anywhere at any time. The convenience of an online book rental is a major consideration for most of us, especially those living in areas where the access to a large bookstore is limited or is quite far away. Many books are too much expensive and for this types of books This system most preferable. If book is too much expensive then one can rent that Book on some amount and can read that book by spending very small amount of money. After reading whole book they can return book and another one can take Benefit of this type of expensive books. So overall by this system one can read book of their choice at any time by spending very small amount of money. In this knowledge era this system will help to spread knowledge across wholeWorld and will provide much knowledge about old and new books.

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