A Proof on How Syed is Innocent

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Proving Adnan Syed's Innocence

On January 13, 1999 a young girl named Hae Min Lee disappeared. her body was later found buried in Leakin park on February 9, 1999. Her ex boyfriend Adnan Syed was arrested on February 28, 1999 for her murder.The podcast Serial hosted by Sarah Koenig had been following his case and pointing out some questionable things in the state's story against Adnan.

Adnan Syed is innocent, there's barely anything that even connect him to her murder. And multiple things in the state's case don't add up. Like Jay's story and how it's constantly changing over and over again. Or the cell phone records, Jay claims they were one place but the cell phone is pinging a cell tower miles away. Or how about the fact that the state has kept Adnan locked up for nearly 15 years all because of a non consistent story Adnan's alleged “friend” told them.

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Let's start with Jay's story. “Jay claimed in his first police interview that, after dropping Adnan off at track, he went home to wait for Adnan to call to pick him up once practice was over. In Jay’s second police interview, however, and in his testimony at the first trial, his story changes. Jay claims that after dropping Adnan off at track practice, he went to Cathy’s house, where he hung out with Cathy and Jeff for half an hour or so, until Adnan called him to ask to be picked up”(,Susan).So if Jay wasn't telling the truth and Adnan actually did kill Hae, wouldn't he remember what he did that day much more specifically?

Another odd thing about Jay's story would be the cellphone records. Adnan's call to ask Jay to come pick him up happened at 4:58pm and Jay's first story made sense with the time and the cell tower, but his second story about being at Cathy's is impossible. The tower that was pinged is L654C which lines up perfectly with Jay's house. However Cathy's apartment is on the other side of town and is completely out of range.”As you can see, Jay’s house is easily in range of L654C. Cathy’s apartment, on the other hand, is absolutely not”(,Susan)

Then there's the state of Maryland that's basically ignoring and overlooking the obvious signs that they shouldn't trust a thing Jay says. And there's no way they're that stupid, so to jump straight to the point racial profiling has a lot to do with why they've kept him locked up for all these years.Adnan is American but the prosecution repeatedly calls him Pakistani. The prosecution also points out a pattern of Pakistani men killing women then fleeing the country. Now once again Adnan is American, he was born and raised in America.It's even been said that they're scared to release him in bail because they think he'll run off to Pakistan and live with his shady uncle who knows how to “make people disappear”.

So to wrap up this migraine of a trial, Adnan is innocent. He's been locked up for nearly 15 years because of a stoners non consistent lies. Irrelevant and incorrect phone records. And because of his foreign ancestry.

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