A Quiet Place by John Krasinski: Film Analysis

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A Quiet Place by John Krasinski: Film Analysis

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Don’t be fooled by the title of John Krasinski’s latest film, ‘A Quiet Place’, despite its lack of sound. The film may sound dull and boring, but in fact, it is quite the opposite. ‘A Quiet Place’, directed and acted by John Krasinski, is full of excitement and inconceivable thrills. Viewers should not let the lack of dialogue and sound fool you. Why? Alien monsters roam the Earth in search of humans, however, with visual impairments. What it lacks in sight though, makes up drastically for in hearing. These aliens will hunt you down in just a drop of a pin. The sudden increase in noise can dramatically increase your heartbeat. It’s phenomenal timing within a tense situation creates one of the best movies I’ve seen in 2018.

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John Krasinski’s film is about a family trying to live a normal life, without talking or making a sound. Meanwhile, they attempt to hide and avoid aliens that roam the vicinity, killing anything that makes a sound. This proves to be a challenge though, as the mother (Emily Blunt) is about to give birth. It may sound boring, but do not be fooled. During this time, we learn about the family, their projects, and their alien data collection. We are given time to grow into the film to see and position ourselves in the film. There are sad scenes as you might expect but that quickly fades into anticipation. It is relentless to the heart. It was a rollercoaster of emotions.

The cast works well to create a realistic family. The father, (John Krasinski), also acts in this film as he is a co-director. As for the children, the older sister, (Millicent Simmonds), plays the role of a mute child. She played this role very convincingly as sadly, she really is mute. As for the younger brother (Noah Jupe), there was one particular scene where his expression did seem a little fake and unrealistic. His face of shock and terror seemed forced. Apart from that, the 13-year-old English actor was excellent and convincing. Together, they created a realistic family; one that seemed to understand and interpret another’s actions and meanings without a word required. The acting was on point. Facial expressions, everything. They acted as though their lives really depended on it, with the exception of course with Noah Jupe.

This is a movie unlike any other. Although the movie stars prominent figures such as John Krasinski and Emily Blunt, nothing really happens. It is like a Star Wars film. Two hours later and nothing has happened except the build-up to the next movie. Except for this time, you don’t feel the time pass you by. It is just the sheer terror of watching a family try to live an everyday normal life. Expect to become so involved in this film that not even you nor the audience will make a sound. The love of the young family will greater than the fear that comes with it. Every time I saw or read a situation that was going to happen, I bit my lip hard and tensed up. Even though I knew it was coming, I still jumped, and a chill was still sent through my spine. I expected it, I just didn’t know when. The sudden loud effects didn’t help either.

‘A Quiet Place’ is a darkened world. The natural green has an eerie taste to it, while the sun provides an elusive light source. These indifferent natural objects build on our emotions. The film techniques used as well as the props couldn’t have been chosen better. Despite all this, the script and techniques used kept my well-earned interest and fear during every second of the movie. Not once was I ever relaxed. Exciting it is indeed, however, the sense of fear shows and the determination to survive shows just how scary this can truly be in real life.

This movie has been highly rated by many film critics, showing just how well deserved this movie really is. It certainly lives up to what a true thriller should be. The ending had me in great despair. The courage shown by each character shows an individual display of their sacrifice and love for one another. Every second had me on edge. The crosscuts, camera angles, and sound worked together and created an hour and a half full of suspense and horror. I personally enjoyed this film. This is a great movie and if you get the chance, watch it. If you don’t have the chance, find one. This unusual movie isn’t one you’d see every year. A movie like this comes out once every ten years. For me, this movie, ‘A Quiet Place’, deserves a 9/10. You would not normally expect to spend money on a film lacking 90% of sound throughout the film. Make an exception for this one, because that 10% is all they need to get that heart and blood pumping.

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