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A Rainy Day at the Beach

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A tour is a pleasant experience. It makes us feel relaxed by reducing anxiety and stress. We should go for a tour with our family, friends or others. A tour also helps to increase our relational bonding. I personally a tour lover. I travel a lot. Whenever I find an opportunity to go for a tour, I try to do my best. Almost every year I go for several tours in various places. Last summer I went for a tour in Oregon Coast. Manzanita Oregon has a nice sea-beach and some wonderful places to visit. Summer is the best time for beach tour and every summer I go to beach. The beach of Manzanita Oregon was amazing that made my vacation. I did not stay at hotels as I heard that Manzanita Oregon Vacation Rentals provide better room for enjoying a vacation. I stayed Manzanita Beach Rentals for the first time to experience. It was a great experience to stay at Coast Cabins Manzanita. The view from the cabin was beyond my imagination. I also enjoyed watching the sun sets at the beach. It is kind of a heart touching feeling to come close to the nature. The nature always attracts me to go closer and closer to it. I fell in love with the natural beauty of the beach. Manzanita Beach Rentals provide premium quality of service at an affordable price. Manzanita Rentals have good room facilities. Like Cable TV, Bed and shower lines, WiFi equipment of barbecues, well-stocked kitchens and other essentials such as soaps, toilet paper, paper towels and much more.

I also appreciated their food. Manzanita Restaurants provide a variety of delicious and fresh food those are really tasty and healthy as well. I tried many new foods there as those were really unknown to me and I saw many dishes for the first time there. Fortunately, I loved the taste of all those dishes I tried. Fresh sea foods are rare to have. So, I tried to utilize that opportunity.

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The interesting thing was raining at the beach. It was my first experience of rain at the beach. I cannot describe the feelings in words. I took showers in the rain. The rain water took all my stress away and made me calm. I felt the vibe of the nature inside me. It was not only me but also all the people out there enjoyed the day. I saw new married couples were dancing in the rain. It was a great experience of their life indeed. Manzanita Rentals is also a great place for Romantic Getaways. That is why, newly married couples go there to enjoy romantic moments. Eating delicious food on the cabin of the beach during rain was a wonderful feeling I got there.

The rainy day at the Manzanita Oregon is a great experience that every tour lover should have. I wish I will be there again in the next summer with my beloved person. I also suggest you to go Manzanita Oregon and make a memorable tour of your life.


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