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A Report on Experiment (Mud Density Test)

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The density or weight of a given volume of mud is determined by using a mud balance.

The mud balance consists of a constant volume sample cup with a lid connected to the balance arm. A level bubble which is built into the beam indicates when the system is balanced. The scale ranges of the 4-scale metal mud balance are;

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  • 6.5 – 23.0 lbs/gal (ppg)
  • 0.79 – 2.72 specific gravity (s.g.)
  • 49 – 179 lbs/ft3
  • 340 – 1190 psi/1000ft


  • 4 Scale mud balance
  • Mixer
  • Weigh balance
  • Beaker
  • Measuring cylinder
  • 10ml of Syringe
  • Bentonite
  • Barite


Sample 1:

  • With a measuring cylinder, I measured 350ml of water.
  • With a weighing balance, I measured 35g of Bentonite
  • Then I added 35g of Bentonite to the measured 350ml of water. I mixed a mixer to get a homogenous mixture
  • I poured the mixture into the mud balance until it was filled.
  • I placed the lid on the cup to get rid of excess fluid and any trapped air.
  • I covered the hole in the lid with a finger and gently cleaned all the mud from the outside of the cup and arm. Then I dried the balance entirely.
  • I adjusted the balance until it was balanced and took the reading immediately
  • I took the readings in ppg, S.G, lb/ft3, psi/100ft for M1.

Sample 2:

  • Using the weigh balance, I measured 10g of barite.
  • I added 10g of barite to the 35g of bentonite and 350ml of water
  • I put it into mixer to mixed to get a homogenous mixture.
  • I poured homogenous sample 2 into the cup until it was full.
  • I replaced the lid on the cup and dried the mud on the lid
  • I adjusted the balance until it was balanced and took the readings immediately.
  • I took readings in ppg, S.G, lb/ft3, psi/100ft for M2.







Sample 1 (M1)

1.48.7 65.05 450.05 Sample 2 (M2) 1.55 8.8 65.1


Precaution and Maintainance


  • I ensured the fans in the lab were switched off to prevent it from altering the weight of the mud
  • I ensured my cup was properly clean before measuring a different mixture and also to prevent mixture on the cup to add extra weight.
  • I ensured that the 4 scale mud balance was calibrated before I commenced measuring.


Clean and dry thoroughly after each use.

Conclusion and Recommendation

  • The density of the different sample were determined in ppg, lb/ft3, S.G, psi/100ft.
  • This was gotten using a 4 scale mud balance.


The density of mud must not be high so that it does not affect drilling rate.


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