A Research on Faith-based Charity Organizations

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Ebaugh, Helen Rose, Janet S. Chafetz and Paula Pipes. Funding Good Works: Funding Sources of Faith-Based Social Service Coalitions. PhD Thesis. Houston: University of Houston, 2010.

In this report, the authors seek to analyze the sources of funding that many faith-based charity organizations rely upon. Moreover, the authors, through a study of 656 faith-based coalitions sought to establish the attitudes of the public towards the funding of these organizations. The report tries to find a correlation between the different attitudes and the rate of funding to the organization. The report also reviews different literature so as to acknowledge writings that are in line with the reports’ objectives are tries to relate them to its findings. The authors are thorough from the review, to the methodology, analysis of the data and ultimately to its conclusion. The report is recommended for readers who seek literature that supports the funding of faith-based organizations.

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Montiel, Lisa M. and David J. Wright. Getting a Piece of the Pie: Federal Grants to Faith-Based Social Service Organizations. Washington DC: Rockefeller Institute of Government, 2006.

The book above is an attempt by two authors affiliated with the Rockefeller Institute of Government and the Pew Charitable Trusts to cast a light on the process that grants awarded to faith-based institutions by the federal government usually pass through before being given to the relevant recipients. The specific study that the book cites is an incisive look into how grants given by the faith based and community initiative, which was started by President Bush’ administration, eventually found its way into the hands of the appropriate benefactors. The book is crucial to readers seeking to define the path that grants awarded by the government reach faith-based organizations.

Queen, Edward. “History, Hysteria, and Hype: Government Contracting with Faith-Based Social Service Agencies.” Religions (2017): 1-29.

The author of this article seeks to show how contracts between the government and faith based organization regarding charity grants awarded to the organization by the government are viewed by the court. Thereby, the article presents a legal perspective that enables the readers to understand the legal ramifications of the faith based and community initiative that is run by the white house since the welfare reforms bill allowed for charitable provision. This article is thereby suitable for readers who seek a connection between faith-based organizations and current legislature.

Tanner, Michael. Corrupting Charity: Why Government Should Not Fund Faith-Based Charities. Brief. Washington, D.C: Cato Institute, 2001.

The above report was drafted shortly after the administration of President Bush announced the creation of an initiative to control the awarding of federal grants to faith based organization. The author presents information that support the claim that the government should not fund faith based organization. The report presents an incisive account of the author’s opinion on the ineffectiveness of a government backed faith based charity. Using a harsh tone, the author shows why faith based charities that operate without government interventions are effective and why Americans should oppose the initiative. Thereby, it is suitable for readers seeking a reason to oppose awarding of government funds to faith based charities.

U.S. White House. Grants to Faith-Based Organizations:Fiscal Year 2005. Washington DC: White House Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives, 2006.

The above report was prepared by the faith based and community initiative under the White House supervision. It summarizes the number of grants that were awarded to faith based organizations during the year 2005. The report fulfills this objective by tabulating data regarding the awarding of grants to the organization. Moreover it provides the figures of money awarded to 128 faith based charities and provides a brief summary of critical issues that cropped up during the delivery of the grants. The reading is suitable for those looking for an authoritative and reliable source of raw data regarding federal grants given to faith based organizations.

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