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A Review Of The Film “A Quiet Place”

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A Quiet Place is a post-apocalyptic horror film set in a world where humans are forced to be as quiet as possible otherwise they’ll be eaten by horrific creatures. The story follows one family in particular, the Abbott’s, who live in the woods and must survive day to day by being as silent as possible, and that’s what the film’s about. It’s directed by John Krasinski who also stars in the film alongside Emily Blunt who’s actually his wife in real-life! I thought it was Kate Winslett the entire time and I’m an Emily Blunt fan, I need to cut down on some shit!

This is a very well made horror film, it’s shot well, the performances are great and it’s extremely effective in building tension and creating sequences that put you on the edge of your seat. I’m a big Emily Blunt fan she’s probably one of my favorite actresses at the moment, which explains why this was one of my favorite Kate Winslett performances! Emily Blunt was great, as was Krasinski and the kids were all good as well, the biggest problem with A Quiet Place is in the writing, I found myself questioning everything much too often.

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What lets the film down is its lack of sufficiently explaining and justifying character decisions and choices, deciding to have a baby, for example, in a world where terrifying creatures race towards sound and murder whatever made the sound would anyone in their right mind decide to have a fucking baby, the noisiest thing known to man!? They never justify why they make this decision and it just stands out as irritating. The general rules within what level of sound can be made is never really explained either, I think you’re just meant to go with it.

It’s a film that felt predictable at times, there’s a scene with a nail that really annoyed me, and for a film that’s as well made as this it had a couple of jump scares which just felt forced and a bit cheap, there’s only a couple but they didn’t need to be there at all. Other than that it’s a fun film, it’s along the lines of something like Signs, you just need to ignore the lack of logic and go with it, it’s about the tension and individual set ups rather than the world building and in that it’s undeniably effective, it’s in the details where it begins to lose its potency.

All in all A Quiet Place is definitely worth a recommendation to both hardcore and casual fans if you’re into tension driven horror films, it’s very effective in that regard. The problem is in the motives and decisions of these characters, it shouldn’t matter too much but it definitely stood out to me and took some enjoyment out of the experience but either way it’s an enjoyable experience.


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