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A Role Of Smartphones In The Present Age Of Technology

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The city of Los Angeles is the second largest city in the United States. Needless to say, transportation methods have been an important issue in the city. As the city has flourished into the giant metropolis that it is today, the issues of transportation methods has been an issue almost as old as the city itself. In many large cities, traffic is made up almost entirely of individual motorists who are trying to make their way across town. However, other means of getting around have made it easy for people who don’t own a vehicle. In the year 2016, finding a ride is as simple as using a smartphone app. In the present age of technology, smartphones are a common technology with the capability to access just about any type of information that the user would care to know. This includes databases of phone numbers and websites for taxi companies, as well as links to the city’s metro transportation websites.

Recently, new apps have been developed with the specific intent of finding people rides for a reasonable price. This concept, called ridesharing, has become a popular one in large cities all throughout the nation. Los Angeles is no exception, and many people are utilizing Uber. Lyft, another rideshare application-based service, uses the same ideas. Both services operate in Los Angeles, and are beneficial to the riders as well as the drivers. Finding a ride with one of these services is as simple as downloading the application onto a compatible mobile device and linking a credit card to the respective account. The user will then enter the destination of where they want to go as well as where they are located at that moment. This will allow drivers for Uber (or Lyft) from within that area to be able to decide whether or not they would like to pick them up. While drivers do not generate the type of income that many commercial cab drivers make, it is still an adequate amount to pay bills. In addition, riders get to enjoy the benefits of convenience, personalization, and cost-effectiveness. In the near future, this revolutionizing means of transportation may soon see itself utilizing other technologies (Weissman)

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On the subject of futuristic forms of transportation, the city of Los Angeles has recently confirmed that it is considering revitalizing an old cross-city transportation system (Grad & Harrison). The railcar system has been implemented throughout the city for decades. The current network of rails which run throughout the area have provided quick, efficient transportation for the past three decades alone. The city is getting ready to decide whether they should begin installing another dozen lines throughout Los Angeles. This great expansion would not take place over night, however. The project is expected to be funded throughout the next four decades.

The times are ever-changing and so are the ways which people get around. In a city the size of Los Angele, it is typical to see people commuting in many different ways. The timeless methods of the last hundred years or so still exist; people will often drive, cycle, or simply walk where they need to go. Public transportation systems and modern technologies are beginning to reshape the ways by which people travel. Smart phones are able to be used as portable computers to find a ride, and cities are implementing miniature train usage to help their residents travel across town more quickly. While these technologies may be fairly new, the need to get from one place to another is timeless. These methods are especially evident in a large metropolis the size of Los Angeles.


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