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A Science of Sociology

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Sociological Imagination is a term used by C. Wright Mills to describe the ability to look at issues from a sociological perspective. It is the ability to understand the relationship between our particular situation in life and what is happening at a social level. A beginner’s mind is a way of approaching the world; however, without misconceptions in order to see things in a new way and finally Culture shock is a sense of disorientation that occurs when an individual enters a radically new social or cultural environment. What all these concepts have in common is that they are things people must do in order to gain a sociological perspective. In order to gain a sociological perspective an individual must have to ability to understand the relationship between our particular situation in life and what is happening at a social level, they must also approach the world without any misconceptions in order to see things in a new way and finally they must create in themselves a sense of culture shock by entering into new social or cultural environments.

Since I was a child I’ve always had practical knowledge in computers. I knew how to do whatever I liked to do such as editing videos, maybe browse through the internet, and be able to photoshop pictures. I was able to do everything I needed or wanted to do in the computers; however, I did not know how the computer worked in a technical way. Steps that I would have to take in order to develop scientific knowledge in computers are take classes that would show me from the developing of a computer, to its functions, and that comes along with most of the technicalities of the computer, its software, and any other plug in. I would have more knowledge about the computer and know how to do better what I already knew how to use, take precautions for it to not slow down, be more careful with malware, and be able to know specifically how to do things the right way and not the way that “worked” for me. I would no longer use the computer with what I think I know, and now I would be able to KNOW what I am doing, how it is done the correct way, and be able to have to artifact be in better care than it was with me just “guessing” through it.

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Macrosociology is the level of analysis that studies large scale social structures in order to determine how they affect the lives of groups and individuals and microsociology is the level of analysis that studies face-to-face and small group interactions in order to understand how they affect the larger patterns and institutions of society. Now, macrosociology approaches the study of society by looking at large-scale social structures in order to determine how it affects the lives of groups and individuals. For example, in the nineteenth-century Europe, theorists saw the world around them being transformed by various factors such as the Industrial Revolution and the impact the French revolution had and the American Revolution. These large-scale changes are what made sociologists focus on the macro level of sociology. Whereas, microsociology centers itself more on the nteractions between individuals and the ways in which those interactions construct the larger patterns, processes and institutions of society. Microsociology looks at the small things in society in order to understand the big picture as a whole.

Conflict theory is focused more with social inequality, and structural functionalism is a theory that views society as an ordered, unified system. Like functionalism, conflict theory is a macro-level theory; however, it is more focused with social inequality and it sees social conflict as the basis of society and society change. Structural Functionalism has structures as the roots of this theory, which are large-scale social institutions which make up society (family, education, politics, the economy). And Each of these meet the needs of the society by performing specific functions. Structural functionalism treats the origin of social change (relationships or social bonds) as a phenomenon, and Conflict theory treats the origin of social change (conflicts) as the cause of change in society.

Symbolic interactionism sees interaction and meaning as central to society and it also assumes that meanings are not inherent but rather are created through interaction. According to Symbolic interactionism a meaningful reality is created through interaction.

Social structures such as family, education, politics, and economy have different functions that fulfill different purposes. For example, family serves as a structure that teaches morals, teaches a child what are things that are socially acceptable and much more. This structure complements itself with education. They both serve as a function to prepare a child to be accepted within society. They both teach a child language skills, social skills, and many more that will enable a child to adapt once they become adults and join society as a respectable member of it. They fulfill the purpose of creating respectable and educated members of society and to prevent any problems with it.


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