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There are some serious issues that we face in school environment and it is the responsibility of school management to deal with it. The main aim of this assignment is to analyze and give recommendation for one of the serious issues that we see from our educational setting. Aim of the assignment is to be knowledgeable about the current issues that are in the educational system and to find the solutions for those issues.

Bullying in schools

Bullying or Harassing is characterized by the Department of Education and Skills rules as undesirable antagonistic conduct, verbal, psychological or physical, directed by an individual or group against someone else and which is repeated over time. (Athlone, 2018). Bullying can happen at any age, can be long or short term and now and happen in any environment. Most of the time in schools bullying is happened inside a group of companions or inside colleagues. It turns into a significant issue since, bullying impacts students’ behavior and academic exhibitions in a way where we cannot even imagine. Many children who are being bullied are hesitant to stand up or speak out, and they will have dread of going to class and will be not able focus on school works. They may have pulled back behavior and loss of trust in their own self. They end up being increasingly secluded, experience depression and, in over the top cases, can hurt themselves or endeavor suicide.

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Symbolic interactionism

The symbolic interaction perspective is a major framework of sociological theory. This theory investigates society by watching out for the subjective implications that people drive on objects, events, and practices/behaviors (Crossman, 2018). Symbolic interactionists feel that people don't just take in the parts that society has set out for them; rather they bullied these parts as they interact. As they interact, they arrange their implications of the conditions in which they get themselves and socially build the truth of this circumstance. In doing so, they depend strongly on symbols, such as, words and signals to accomplish a common appreciation of their collaboration. For example, for what reason would youngsters bully even when all objective evidence focuses to the threats of doing so? The appropriate response is in the meaning of the circumstance that people make. They are well informed about the risk and peril of it, however, they are also feeling that it is cool since they pick up control from it and shows positive image of them to their companions. Thus, the symbolic meaning of bullying overrides that actual fact with respect to bullying and risk.

Structural functionalism

Functionalism, also called structural-functional theory, considers society to be a structure with interrelated parts intended to meet the natural and social needs of the people in that society. (Spencer, n.d.) With Bullying the Structural Functionalists wouldn't be going to look at how it effects on one or two or even one hundred people. They will revolve around how it fits into society, and try to appreciate why it is required for society to work. When looking at bullying we see two fundamental sorts of people the victims and the con victimizers, a Structural functionalist will look at these two sorts of individuals, interconnected to larger ones in the society. With bullying this approach will be going to look at not just bullies and their victims, and also how it interlinks with the educational system, societal laws, occupations it gives and the moral characteristics a society associates with bullying; regardless of whether the society dislikes it or holds it in some respect. A Structural Functionalist would ask, "How might society work differently without bullying?"

Conflict approach

The Social Conflict approach is a full scale point of view of society that says society is an arrangement of social imbalances in light of things, for example, class, sex, sexual introduction, race and so on. They tend to take a gander at how these imbalances offer climb to such clashes as bullying and how those with control abuse those with less power. At the point when a man approaches the subject of bullying from a Social Conflict perspective, they will take a gander at things like factual confirmation, utilizing reviews, meetings and examinations to perceive what groups of individuals are inclined to bullying others and what groups of individuals have a tendency to be bullied. Social Conflict sociologists would likewise take a gander at how society manages bullying from group to group and check whether for instance a man of one race is dealt with contrastingly to do a similar thing a youngster from another race did. Social Conflict theorists would ask "What conditions do these groups end up in that place them in the situation to bully others or be bullied?" (Bowen, 2013)


Bullying can influence everybody in the school community- the individuals who bully, the individuals who are bullied and the individuals who witness bullying. Bullying is associated with various negative results including impacts on enthusiastic wellbeing, substance utilize, and suicide. When bullying is happened in a school situation it contrarily influences the students in their exhibitions and conduct as well. It additionally makes troublesome for educators to oversee and lead beneficial exercises in a way that they need. It happens on the grounds that more often than not the educator is the just a single in position to put a stop to it, and he or she is poorly prepared to do as such.

A typical reason that students is a domineering bully is on account of he/she needs consideration from a parent at home and lashes out at others for consideration. Regularly guardians are bullies, are furious, or don't deal with battle well. Students normally bully since they take in this conduct at their home. It is an educated conduct, which can be unlearned. In light of this conduct the students who are being bullied is losing everything in his investigations and in some cases from his life. In light of bullying students will not have their certainty and will be discouraged for each seemingly insignificant detail. They will dependably need to avoid their classes and there will be almost or no interest from the students. This will lead students to get exhausted about the examining and they will lose everything in their studies. Same as the individual who is being bullied the individual who bully will likewise confront challenges in considering. The individual who bully will likewise get challenges in being with others. They may lose their companions consequently and may feel desolate in their classrooms. Taking part in those sorts of unseemly conduct will lead them to disregard their considering.

More often when there is bullying in the school other students may end up apprehensive of the student who bully with them. This make them (students who bully) to acquire power and relationship among the students and it will be terrible. Students who are bullied and other students in the classroom will not be willing to work with students who bully. They will dependably fear them and they will make an effort not to incorporate those students in their work. This unseemly relationship among the students, make educators exceptionally hard to direct gathering exercises and now and again hard to convey their exercises. Despite the fact that we attempt to quit bullying, we can in any case observe this conduct in our schools. Over the time, numerous instructors and numerous foundations endeavors to stop this issue. Still we are unable to see an outcome from it. Due to the mindfulness about web and social medias this issue has expanded in the schools over the time.

Bullying is against Islam as it involves bad form being done towards a person by another. Those that participate in tormenting truly have a frail nature and need to change for that nature by endeavoring to be 'prevalent' to others that they esteem inferior compared to themselves. Bullying is a type of persecution. In the Qur'an Allah plainly states how unpleasant and hurtful mistreatment really is. Islam expressly denies all types of abuse and foul play. (DarulIftaBirmingham, 2017) Saaiduna Jabir Bin Abdullah Radiallahu Anhu narrates that the Prophet of Allah Sallallahu Alahi Wasalam said “Be on your guard against oppression, for oppression is a darkness on the Day of Resurrection.” (Sahih Muslim). In a Hadith Qudsi, Allah (SWA) has said: ‘I shall take revenge on the oppressor in this life and the next. I shall take revenge on someone who saw a person being oppressed and was able to help him but did not help him.’ (Tabraani). From all these we realize that bullying is against our religion. Islam precludes it for some reasons. So we as an instructor need to take it as thought and we need to endeavor to stop it. We have to instruct our students about the hurtfulness we confront as a result of it. We have to show them how and why Islam precludes it for us.


Bullying can debilitate students physical and energetic prosperity at school and can antagonistically influence their capacity to learn. The best way to deal with bullying is to stop it before it starts. There are many different things school staffs can do to make schools more secure and forestall bullying. Preparing school staff and students to maintain a strategic distance from and anticipate bullying can help oversee bullying endeavors after some time. Educators and chairmen should realize that bullying usually happens in territories, for example, the restroom, play zone, swarmed hallways, and furthermore by mobile phones and personal computers (where supervision is obliged or missing), it must be thought about truly. Instructors and executives ought to underline that telling is not squealing. On the off chance that an educator watches bullying in a classroom, he/she needs to promptly intercede to stop it, record the episode and advise the fitting school heads so the occurrence can be explored.

Students and guardians should be a part of the arrangement and engaged with wellbeing groups and hostile to anti-bullying teams. Guardians, educators, and school executives can enable students to participate in positive conduct and show them abilities so they know how to mediate when bullying happens. Discuss how to confront kids who bully. Give tips, such as utilizing cleverness and saying "stop" specifically and unhesitatingly. Looking at bullying specifically is a vital advance in seeing how the issue may influence kids. As bullying is against Islam, we have to prevent seeing it from our community. To stop it guardians, instructors, students and all the staff should fill in as a group. We have to instruct our children about the hurtfulness of bullying and we ought to invest energy with conversing with them. Offer time to our children and be neighborly with them. This will assist us with stopping bullying from our school community.


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