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A Sharp Ended Tools In School

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Electronics student should be allowed to bring all kind of tools even the sharp ended ones to school. All kind of electronics tools have a sharp end and it is very useful to repair appliances. There are some tools that may not allow. But there is also some tool that must allowed because it is useful to repair appliances. Body:

  1. Using tools properly
  2. Electronics students need tools to repair their appliances and for their project and to the JDVP training. All kind of tools are important in electronics because tools and wuipment are very important things that needed. And some electronics tools have a sharp ends but this kind of tools are not dangerous if the student handle it carefully. And the student must be the one to use every tools properly.

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  3. Tool and equipment
  4. All tools like the soldering iron and fliers are the tools that a needed to fixed appliances. This kind of tools have a sharp pointed tip in the ends but the sharp pointed tips helps to fixed appliances just like soldering iron the sharp pointed tips is the one that is heating to melt the lead.

  5. Cutting tools
  6. The sharp tools is one of the most common tools that electronics must have. Because it can use to cut wire and cut any solid materials. But this kind of tools is a bit dangerous and not safety so before using it the person must have guidance of the teacher or any other person that is higher than you. But this tools is really halpful to fixed any electronics appliances.

  7. Other side of the argument
  8. All tools that have sharp ends must not allowed. Because this all sharp tools are dangerous it may use to create crime or serious accident in the school. And the only one can be blame if this kind of event happen is the school not the student because they allowed the student to bring sharp tools. This kind of tools may be useful but it is very dangerous Having this kind of tools maybe harmfull to everyone. And bringing sharp tools is against the school law or kasunduan. It says that don’t bring sharp object inside the school.

  9. Electronics tools
  10. All electronics tools and equipment have a sharp pointed tips because it is one of the most common things that every tool been made. But this kind of tools is not dangerous if all the student will handle it with care and guidance for a teacher.


The electronics tools have a different sizes and shape but of the common tools that the electronics have is a sharp ended tips. Some examples of this are the soldering iron,fliers,cutter,scissors and many others. This kind of tools and equipment are useful it can use cut wire to bend wire. But this kind of tools is not safety if the person use ir recklessly so before using it thiermust be someone guiding you. With care and guidance you can prevent accident.


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