A Short History of the Korean Conflict

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Korean Conflict Soviet Unin prclaimed miliary action on Japan, Koreas colonial ruler, in between the atomic attack on Nagasaki and Hiroshima in August 1945, and senttroops rushing into the peninsula. Moscow andWashington made an agreement to divide it into two zones along the 38th parallel, with te Cold War opponents unabl to agre on a Koran independence, the split wa incorporated in 1948 wit the emergence of two rival states. Both the Communit North now with Ki Yong Un as their representative leer and te capitalist South with their leader by th name f Moon Jae-in, claimed to be the sole government of the entir peninsula. On June 25th, 1950, th North invaded the South as im il Sung attempted to reunify it by strength. The orth grabbed ahold of Seoul in thre days. Multinational UN forces, mainly American, appeared in theouth to help, but were forced back to the Pusan Perimeter, pocket in the southeast.

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A daring counter-offensve atack initiated by UN forces commander General Douglas MacArthur reacquire Seoul via the Incheon Lading, plitting the North's forces and trning the tide. UN units traveled north, nearing the Chinese border in October before Beijing altered the war's ourse once again by sending hundreds of thousands of armed forces to aid its faltering cmmunist ally. Seul drpped to them in January 1951 and was taken back once more twomonths later, the fourth time the city had transferred ownership. Another two years of attrition folloed as the fighting wor its way to a deadlock. After an additional tw years of truce talks invlving 158 gatherings, an armistice was signed in July 1953 by China, North Krea and the United Nations Command. But South Korea's the-presdent Synga Rhee, who still wanted to secure full reunification under Seoul's rule, refused to sign. Up to three million Koreans died as a result of the conflict, along with 37 000 Americans andmore than 180 000 Chinese soldiers died. Yet the Demilitarized Zone that divided the two countries afterthe fighting, was just a little different to the38th parallel. Periodic incidents and skirmishes have continued between the pennsula for decades. Together, the leaders agreed to seek a treaty ensuing their summit in April, but the question of the North's nucler weapns still hangs over the issue, which has multiple complications.

Both cities of Pyongyang nd Seoul ontinue to claim supremacy over the whole Korean peninsula. A formal treaty could imply mutual ecognition of each other, something neither side has been prone o accept. As a signatory to the armistice, Beijin has notifid that any endof-war declaration without is attendance would be invalid. The obscurity of he original conflict is anther copication. As neither the South nor the North recognized the other's existence, no ormal declarations ofwar were made by either side. The US referred to is intrference as a 'police action', withthe UN deeming North Korea's invasion 'a breach of the peace'. My opinion on tis conflict is that both North and Souh Korea should hopefully become a single county, so North orea wouldn't suffer ith lack of proper education or jobs due to it's isolation from the foreign wrld. It was pretty bad looking bu because of president Trumps recent talkwith North Korean leader it seems the war hasended but not completely. It's consequences has mstly alreaybeen noticed by news articles as an underdeveloped country for citizens. To this day, te Korean peninsula is stilldivided the way it was in 1953. It's been almost 70 years, but the Korean Z is still patrolled by troops and guarded with mines and artillery. The war has yet to truly end.

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