A Significance of Basics Skills Learning in a High School

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Do kid’s futures matter? In my hometown of Tunica, MS, education is a matter that is not considered a main priority in the minds of the teachers at my high school, Rosa Fort. They just don’t understand that by not putting in the effort to teach the students, they are ruining their chance at a quality education. The kids will never be prepared for college if they are not being taught the basics in high school. This is something that really annoys me, just at the thought of the sheer laziness of the Rosa Fort High school teachers. Now I am not going to sit here and bash every single teacher, because of course there are a few that actually know how to do his or her job. With that being said, I intend to argue that the teachers that are not showing any improvement in their students, should be put in training programs to help them become teachers that are more efficient. With my audience being the Board of Education, I will support my argument with examples such as, state test scores, dropout rates and my experience as a student at the school. The teachers at Rosa Fort High School are not doing their jobs effectively, which is leading the students down a pathway to failure. They should be put in training programs that will rehabilitate them, ultimately making them better teachers.

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State test scores are a leading factor to why Rosa Fort teachers should be put through training. This lack of good test scores drops the schools level gradually .The teachers are the only ones to blame, simply because they are the ones that are expected to teach the material. It’s just not being done, and that is a serious problem. I have numerous friends and peers that fail the tests’ every time they take it. I barely passed two of my state test myself. It is not because we don’t study or that we don’t care, it’s because the teachers aren’t putting in the necessary effort the help the students. They aren’t going over the test material with the students like they are supposedly trained to do. There was one incident when a teacher was giving the students the answers to the test and was fired. This just shows how much effort the teachers actually put into teaching the students. They would rather give you the answers instead of teaching them to you. Most days the teachers will walk into class and say to us, today is a free day, do what u please, despite the crucial need for instruction, This has been done so many times, and has really become a nuisance. There are more important things that should be done with what little time we have in class. What is even the point in going to school if the teachers are giving out free days nearly every day; and we wonder why Rosa Fort is ranked so low in test scores. Obviously we aren’t being taught , and year by year as the students continue to blow their state test, it makes them lose faith in school leading them to the inevitable choice of dropping out.

The dropout rate at Rosa Fort High School has risen drastically, due to unconcerned teachers. I graduated last year and nearly a fifth of my class dropped out. It’s sad how the teachers aren’t concerned about it. They talk on the phone, they go get food while class is in session, and they even let us do these things. A hall pass is not meant for you to go to another teacher’s classroom to buy snacks, that is just ridiculous. The teachers actually let the students leave class, hall pass or not. Students will just be roaming the halls all day. One instructor I had let a dice game go on during class and did not say anything. Those are just examples of the careless things being done, but not only are these things being done ,they are being done every single day. Now I know some people will try to contradict me, with statements like, the students do not want to learn, it’s not the teachers faults’, or it is the student’s fault they are failing. That is true some students do not want to learn, but that is not the point, the point is the teachers are suppose to do their jobs regardless of the students choices. The teachers aren’t doing anything, so how can the students that actually want to learn get anything out of class. Students are going to drop out anyway, that is normal for any school, but the teachers not educating the students that actually do want to learn is making them follow their peers that don’t want to learn and become a statistic, ultimately dropping out.

With my own personal experience at Rosa Fort High School, I can tell you that I have seen it all. I personally know every teacher and what they do in their classrooms. There is no order or structure that goes on during classes, it is always disorderly. I can say that during my entire four years at Rosa Fort , I have only had three teachers to actually teach me something, and that is just sad. If the teacher was not on his/her cell phone, they were stuffing there mouth. Rarely would u catch a teacher at Rosa Fort teaching. It’s crazy and funny that the only times they would attempt to teach us or make us do work was when the state department or the principal would come into the classroom for evaluation. It’s funny how they would tell us, “Ok kids the state department is here today, so get your books out”. I just know that deep down the teachers care about the students’ education but at the same time they don’t, because what they are doing is completely unacceptable. There have been so many incidents during my years that it’s hard to count, but the most unbelievable thing that happened, that made me question why I even continued to go to Rosa Fort was when I was walking to the band room one day and saw the band instructor shooting dice with a group of students. That incident takes the cake. Rosa Fort teachers need help.

In conclusion, the teachers at Rosa Fort High School do not meet the qualifications for a good teacher what so ever. They do not take into importance the severity of a students need for education. Being lazy just is not going to get it. The test score are not making the cut, the students are dropping out, and all because the teachers not wanting to do their jobs. It’s bad that it needs to come to this but the teachers at Rosa Fort that aren’t doing anything, which is the majority, need to be put in training programs specifically designed to reiterate what they supposedly learned in college. This being done will ultimately rehabilitate them and hopefully motivate them to do better at their jobs.

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