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A Ski Trip with My Family

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Knowing that dying is a natural end of everybody’s life, doesn’t make it easier just even imagine that your relative might have a potential to die. This happened 2 years ago in the winter time, when me and my family decided to go from Russia to Vermont, Killington, USA, the place of the most amasing ski-resort in all over America. These time none of my family, including me didn’t know any english, just simple phrases, like hi and how are уou. The flight by itself wasn’t difficult, because we travel a lot, so the common things like, baggage claim, check-in or registration we knew where to find. But exactly unknowing the language almost caused the worst trip in our life.

After arrival, when already everyone started to feel themselves comparably comfortable, we went for a ski-trip( third time). By the way the mountains and the ski-trails were so huge and long, that even the temperature at the bottom and the top varied in 5-8 degrees. Also, because of the extanded distance, the mountain were seperated in several points of arrival and departure, all of them led to the very top, but the whole trip from each start to the end could take 3 hours. So we went all together to try the trials again and agian.

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By the end of our trip we went to the last our ski-tour. And made a bet-a person who gets on the top non-stopping for a rest, and then races down the mountain faster then others, would win. The first part of climbing up we overcame succesfully and everybody was so exited to win. Eventially we reached the end and counted to three and started to go down and began to accelerate the speed in order to win the bet. As i told before, the mountain was huge and it had a map on every point where a lot of trails were crossed, but on narrow and hard to ski through ways, it was difficult to find and follow certain direction. So after our start, everybody was going so fast, that by the end of this competition we had one person missing- my dad.

We were waiting for him for 3 hours, thinking that he probably got tired and stopped for a while to get some rest. But not even after 5 hours he appeared. We started to get really worried, tried to communicate with some staff, that worked there, but because of a lack of english, we couldn’t explain clear anything. But eventially, with gesture-language and a lot of tears in our eyes, we persuaded employees to take quadricycles and go with for a seeking for my father. We looked through all the stop-points, all the main trials and the worst thoughts started to go though the mind. Searching with a couple of quadricycles didn’t bring any luck, so the staff decided to go to the nearest stop and ask for a helicopter to look around.

When we came to this stop-point, all crying and trying to call anyone (our phones didn’t work in America, except for international calls), we saw my dad, seating by one of the tables and drinking some tea! Everybody was so surprised, shocked and happy at the same time, that we rushed into him and started to hug and check him if he was alright. Even having a happy ending, the thought of a possibility of losing someone anytime who really value for me, didn’t leave me. Probably due to this story, I started to understand the importance of spending any time with relatives, expecially if having a chance of seeing them once a year.


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