A Speech Outline on the Benefits of a Helmet in Preventing Head Injuries

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Attention Getter:Each year more than 2200 people are killed and 55000 are injured in motorcycle accidents occurring without helmets. When surveyed only 47% of the class knew that there was no helmet law in Illinois.

Demonstrate Relevance:Jesus…Jesus…Jesus… Now imagine being asleep and hearing your father whispering this in a panicked voice, rushing you out of the bed in the middle of the rainy night. You’re in the car racing to a bloody site that your young eyes could have never imagined.

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Establish Credibility:June of 2006 is the day that my brother decided not to wear his helmet and going nothing but 8 mph suffered from many injuries after being hit by a truck pulling off from a stop sign. With such low speed you would never think you could get severely injured but my brother suffered from a fractured femur, bruised ribs, shattered eye socket and broken jaw and check bone. 96% of the class believes that helmets will prevent death/injuries caused by distracted drivers, which was the case for my brothers’ accident.

Central Idea Statement: That is why today I will be telling you why helmet laws are so important and should be mandatory in the state of Illinois.


First, I will tell you about debris in the air that can cause motorcyclist to be visually impaired.

With the speed that many motorcyclists travel they have reduced visibility because, of course unlike cars there is no windshield to block the wind and even things such as wind and bugs.

According to auto hub 360 3 out of every 8 motorcyclist accidents are caused by bugs or dirt flying into their eyes which quickly irritates the eyes and obstructs vision.

This is something that can easily be prevented by the items being blocked out. With a helmet there is visor that is included that can safely.

Transition:Now that I have told you about how reduced visibility can cause motorcyclists deaths I will tell you about how helmets can prevent fatality.

Accidents that occur in death have a higher percentage of those who do not ride with helmets.

According to the IIHS(Insurance Institute for Highway Safety), helmets are about 37 percent effective in preventing motorcycle deaths and 67 percent effective in preventing brain injuries. With some thing there to cover the impact of your head on the ground, your life can be saved.

The CDCestimated thathelmets saved 1829 motorcyclists lives in 2012 and 822 would have survived if they were helmeted. This shows that helmets are very preventative and helpful in several cases while many people just believe it is something to restrict them from being free.

Transition: Now that I have told you about how many lives helmets have and could have potentially saved I will tell you why this should be a mandatory law in the state of Illinois.

Illinois is one of 3 states that has no helmet law at all.

In my survey, a majority of the class says that it should not be an option to wear a helmet due to safety and potentially saving a life.

Helmets are said to prevent brain damage by 67% and there is a 40% chance of a non-helmeted rider to suffer a fatal head injury.


Conclusion signal: In closing, helmet laws are not implemented to hinder but to help individual live a safe life doing something they enjoy.

Summary: Today I have presented you with a problem, being no helmet law in Illinois now it is up to all of us to find a solution to make sure our riders are safe.

Adequate closure: Now that you have been informed, I think it is now safe to say this issue is ongoing and without immediate action can cost many more people their lives.

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