Short Story About a Strange Scary Dream that once Happened to Me

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After almost seven years, one late night as I was not feeling sleepy I again mustered within me the courage to pen down a few lines of my thoughts. All alone in my house, sited in my sofa, I could feel the rattling sound of the breeze against the trees, my wind chime dangling as if emitting a sweet music adjusting itself to the nature just like a professional composer, but in all this a strange kind of silence around me and I could sense a strange feeling of uneasiness.

It was around 11 pm and I started to write in my diary. Least I knew that it was a night where I would be discovering myself so deeply. Suddenly I felt the air around me becoming colder. I felt maybe it was because it had rained heavily the day before. I kept on scribbling in my diary when I felt like the presence of a second person in the room. It was as if a person passing by quickly. I told myself maybe I was feeling sleepy. After a while, I again saw the same figure and this time it could feel it very intensely. I felt like the strange figure communicated to me and told me that it was her house. She had been accidently burned and thus lost her life. But she wanted me to leave from the house as I was living on rent in her house where I was disturbing her with my presence. I started to shiver and I wanted to scream so baldy but I just could neither move nor utter a single word. I felt as if I had suffered a stroke of paralysis.

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I jumped off my sofa and realized at that moment that I had been dreaming. The moment I started to write down in my diary I had fallen asleep. I just did not continue writing and I went to sleep as I was already a bit disturbed with the dream.

The next morning I met a neighour of mine and asked her about the real owner and what had happened to him/her. She told me that there was a lady living and she had been burned accidently and lost her life. I was as if I had lost my power of speech.

When my husband returned from work, I narrated to him to the whole incident and we decided to leave the house on the very same day. Since that day I never saw that scary dream again.

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