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A Study Of The Behavioral And Physical Signs Of Abuse In Children

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When evaluating a child abuse case, there are important symptoms, which help in making a conclusion regarding the presence of child abuse. Children tend to have unique characters since it is very difficult for a child to act when not everything is good. Having assessed and evaluated a child abuse case presented, I was able to detect a number of physical and behavioral signs, which showed that the child was a victim of child abuse. The signs exhibited by a child faced with child abuse varies depending on the type of abuse that is meted on the child(DuPre & Sites, 2015).

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The child had bruises on his back, which is an unusual place where a normal accident could occur. It was very clear that they were because of lashes he had received from her parents even though the child was constantly denying mainly because he had been advised against saying the truth in fear of a severe backlash. The child when questioned about any incidences of abuse, he could not maintain a straight eye and took long before replying which could indicate that it is something that he could be actually going through. It was quite evident from the way he was walking his legs had been injured and had no justifiable reason to explain the circumstances under which the leg was injured.

The behavioral signs that I was able to detect from the assessment of the child condition was that unlike the children of her age he was not happy to leave school, looked lonely, and depressed, a very strange behavior of a child who is expected to have significant affection from his parents. The child had fear of unknown and he responded with restraint when being touched which is also an indication that there is an abuse going on. The child does not highly talk about his family and seemed startled when the subject was raised especially her mother where it was quite evident that his mother was the likely source of his predicaments(Child Welfare Information Gateway, 2011).

Relationship between the siblings that were being abused by one another

Sibling abusing each other is a common trend and it goes on unnoticed due to lack of focus from the parents. There appears to be a very unusual relationship between siblings even though it may happen in front of their parents, they do not take notice due to lack of understanding on what needs to be done. The sibling who is being abused by the other seems to avoid the other since the abuse is more likely to be psychological since physical abuse is easily detected. There is no proper relationship between the siblings, which is uncommon behavior among siblings. A sibling who is being abused is usually depressed which interferes with their normal lives since they are unable to overcome such abuses especially when they are being tormented by someone who they cannot stay away from. There is a strained relationship among siblings who are being abused by one another(DuPre & Sites, 2015).

Family dynamic you observed along with how each member seems to be affected by the abuse and neglect

The family that I observed was very dysfunctional, there was no proper care between parents and their children, and nothing significant was considered thus creating a difficult environment where the behaviors of the family members could be effectively engaged. There was no proper parenting style, which parents considered in the upbringing of their children, which means that the behavioral traits adopted by the sibling were very much different, and were influenced by social environment. The sibling in the family were significantly depressed, which affected their normal social life. Without a clear parenting style in place it was very difficult for the family members to relate on a similar understanding of issues since everyone holds a different opinion and abuse has been considered as a normal thing among family members.

Potential long-term effects

The long-term effects of the abuse are severe if they are not controlled. Once a child realizes that abuse is the only way to get justice it creates a negative influence on their minds and thus likely to instill negative traits in the child leading to poor developmental traits. The child is most likely to resort to drugs to control his depression and pain, which will lead to addiction making it very difficult to control. The child is likely to adopt the abusive trait, which will have a negative influence on his life since he will use the same tactics in his life while engaging and interacting with his own family(Troiano, 2011).

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  • Category: Crime
  • Topic: Child Abuse
  • Pages: 2
  • Words: 776
  • Published: 04/01/19
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Do not miss your deadline waiting for inspiration! Our writers will handle essay of any difficulty in no time. Want to get a custom essay from scratch?
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