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A Study Of The Interrelation Between Handwork And Success

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I believe that hard work directly correlates with success. Because of this, I strive to do my best in all of my subjects. For most of my classes, the concept comes to me with ease, however, English and science are the hardest subjects for me.

English has been hard for me due to the fact that my analysis and reading skills are mediocre at best. It also doesn’t help with the fact that most of the passages, books, and prompts are uninteresting to me. Because of that, when I read, my mind trails off onto something completely irrelevant. However, when the text is interesting, I have trouble connecting events and prying deeper into the text or “reading between the lines”. To make the subject easier for myself, I started reading more often and underling/highlighting. After each paragraph, I would try to summarize what I read. This isn’t the most ideal method since it slows down my work, but it is helping me somewhat understand what I read, which is much better than not understanding at all. Even though I still struggle with English, I have noticed that my reading speed has improved over the past few years. However, I still have trouble with abstract skills such as deep analysis.

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In addition to English, I have some struggles with Science, but not as much as English. Unlike English, I enjoy science. I enjoy learning about how things work and how they play a role in a complex system. However, that is where the problem lies. To me, there are too many functions and things responsible for the function to remember. Because of this, it is hard for me to connect things. When I try to simplify it, I end up over-simplifying it to the point where I’m missing some important concepts. Since my sophomore year, I’ve been hosting study sessions with five other friends. During those study sessions, we help each other with homework. Because of these study sessions, they help me understand the subject more as I’m able to hear it from different points of views. Even though the study sessions helped me quite a bit, I still see a lot more room for improvement with understanding concepts.

Even though I struggle with my science and English subjects, I aim to improve myself. Over the past few years, my hard work has enabled me to survive through those subjects. As of now, I am not happy with my results, as I believe that they can be much better. Because of this, I hope to be able to work even harder than I am to achieve my goals of having a clearer understanding. With an optimistic mindset, helpful peers, and selfless teachers, I am confident that it can be done.


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