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A Study on Sleeping Habits and Impact on Education Achievement

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Adequate sleep is among the vital biological necessities that all humans require to ensure a good and healthy lifestyle. Sleep enables individuals undertake tasks at desired levels and is important for brain functioning, assisting with nearly all the cognitive roles like learning, memory, critical thinking, and decision making. It is then very significant for academic performance.

A number of studies indicate that not everybody is receiving adequate sleep to perform normal activities adequately, more so, university students (Clanton & Kelly, 2001). Most scholars agree that inadequate sleep is amongst the key reasons college students obtain low academic grades. They also state that stress contributes to changes in sleeping habits. The purpose of this study is to establish sleeping habits and its impact on academic performance.

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Sleeping Habits and Students’ academic Performance

Sleeping habits of an individual gives direct bearing to the persons mental functioning, physical health, and mood (Brown, Soper, & Buboltz, 2002).Enough sleep ideally affects mental functioning and thus affects learners presentation in examinations and in the final grades obtained .The sleep pattern of an individual in a 24 hour time frame is vital to the individual’s behavior and body functioning. I adequate sleep is a global problem with a great percentage of the world population not getting the desired eight hours of sleep every night (Womble, 2001).

Rational performance is affected by less sleep durations, mostly defined as less than seven hours per day for adults. The sleeping habits of an individual will determine the person’s general attention and alertness, inadequate sleep promotes slower cognitive dispensation. Poor sleeping habits also interfere with a number of brain structure functions important for cognitive processes (Clanton & Kelly, 2001). One of the highly affected structures is the prefrontal cortex, which performs greater brain roles such as logical reasoning, creativity, and working memory. Previous studies indicate sleep deprivation contribute to poor academic grades due to the lower capabilities in cognition caused by poor sleeping habits. According to Clanton & Kelly lack of sleep affects a student’s extracurricular activities, vocational, and academic options. The researcher also noted a decrease in the amount of hours students sleep in a 24 hour timeframe; sleep hours has greatly reduced with an increase in sleep dissatisfaction (Jensen, 2004).


The purpose of this study is determine why eight or less hours of sleep would lead to descending academic performance/GPA.A previous study has indicated the impacts of gender, stress, and grade disparities on lack of adequate sleep (Jensen, 2004). Additionally, it would be of importance to note if there are other reasons which aggravate sleep deprivation. Further study is needed to be done on the impacts of academic performance considering that the amount of sleeps looks like an essential factor to brain functioning.

The independent variables in this research shall be the quantity of sleep received on average by university students. The dependent variables being used will be the academic performance of a student, such as an aggregated GPA of 2 or GPA 3. It is assumed that the amount of sleep on average a student receives is above eight hours daily .It is also hypothesized that the quantity of sleep in general, will exhibit similar outcomes among students in different academic levels (Kelly, 2004).


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