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In school, we usually undergo the never-ending getting to know activity. You speak of your habits, your interests, what you want people to take hold of you as a person. It may be a simple activity but it builds the foundation of who we are as a person. How do we really get to know ourselves? We define “self” as a domain, that carries the character an individual has and the features that allows distinction among individuals. I can refer self under the concept of Socrates’ idea that man must live and stand according to his nature. One should give due recognition to oneself to actually know thyself. Before one can look at others, he must first distinguish his own perspectives and organize his collective thoughts in order to impose it on other people. After encounters with one’s own mind, he can develop further connections with other people with their own collective thoughts as well (Avnon,1995). Different levels pounce into account in order to make up to oneself which caters mind, body and external environment. My self-theory denotes of methods that maximizes the basic forms of self-development. I refer to them as methods because methods are settled logical and systematic processes to achieve a goal, which is understanding oneself (Method, n.d.).

The method of the mind works clearly on thoughts. Thoughts are very powerful. A common question asked in relation to psychological views, what is more dangerous, a gun or a thought. Hypothetically, a thought is more dangerous because it drives the decision to pull the trigger. A gun is only an instrument that does not lie any purpose until another entity claims its own purpose through its utilization. Thoughts are the motivations of how one shapes oneself. (Damon & Hart, 1982). The mind works in different ways, taking hold of the basic and significant parts of one’s lifestyle. It grasps the important information around the environment through familiarization. This develops the firms of your identity. The perception of self starts with how you think of yourself. Before others can view you, you must first create a collection of ideas that would define you. These collection of notions would build your stand for what you think your identity is. The mind covers your personal ideas shaped by personal experiences although others can influence the mind; thus, allowing a different perception of thyself.

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These thoughts are then put into action. It is on one’s control whether the thoughts are brought to the physical world. The aspects of realities lie closely to the physical world and the spiritual world. The physical world is denoted through senses, matter and practicality. Whatever you take hold of now, is what you get. In the spiritual world, you decipher a world of ideas and perfection. Through deliberating your thoughts into actions, you bring them to the physical world which provides you with your own definition of reality although it is inevitable to build an ideal world where all thoughts put to actions are based on our own standards (Maxwell, 2003). The method of the body provides us the ability to develop ourselves and grow through our decisions. It allows change and progress. The mind and the body must coexist in order to deliberate a “self”. The mind, without the body is just a mere element to process information. The body, without the mind, cannot function as to which actions to take. Both are essential in determining one’s identity for it is with thinking and physical means one caters to self-understanding. The concept of Dualism lie in an array of perceptions with regards to the coordination of the mind and the body. Descartes referred to the self as a concept that has an immaterial mind and material body, although are distinct substances, they causally interact. He explained the concept of having an internal means of development and one that grows externally in the physical embodiment. His study on dualism has led people to a realization that self encompasses a thinking body (Rowlands & Mark,1999).Oneself does not suffice his lone growth despite the amount of knowledge he had prepared for himself.

Through this, an individual develops personalities that furnish association with the people he is around. The Method of Environment focuses on the influence of external factors and how these events shape one as a person. Imagine living in a family whose virtues lie closely to religious devotions, bringing you to an environment that introduces their firm beliefs and principles. The upbringing on oneself gets tied to the same virtues that your family upholds. The Johari window is a framework that discloses self-awareness together with how others perceive you. There are four windows that allow you to determine more about yourself from your own thoughts to the qualifications that others see you through, including characters you are still yet to discover and characters still yet to express (Luft & Ingham, 1961). University of Santo Tomas has brought me into discovering more about myself. I have concluded that environment does alter one’s point of view of oneself and one’s principles. As a freshman, the goals I have established for myself are faced with the challenges that I am to encounter. Just like any other method, it takes a precise procedure for me to adjust and compromise to the people around me. Through this, I am able to associate my dream career of being a Biochemistry Researcher, in the precision and accuracy of knowing first details of myself before engaging into quantifiable data. These methods I have adhered to in order to know myself through my mind, actions and environment would allow me to set an organization of plans and decisions to address problems. This is essential given that I firmly believe how problems are solved through the root, establishing solutions for the foundation of the event. Knowing myself thoroughly would aid me in nurturing my strengths and weaknesses as a person, allowing me to further recognize my true identity. Self is a series of changes, just like time, it comprises a single event to alter it completely. Self grows through experiences, mindsets and decisions that no matter what outcome it might be, would still deliver changes to growth and understanding.

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