A Ted Talk Entitled Why We Have Too Few Women Leaders in 2010 by Sheryl Sandberg

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 Sheryl Sandberg gave a TED Talk entitled ‘Why We Have Too Few Women Leaders’ in 2010. Sandberg is the Chief Operating Officer of Facebook and before that she was a VP for Google’s Global Online Sales and Operations and was head of staff for the Secretary of the Treasury. In this speech, she utilizes her present position as an working women, in conjunction with a strict consistent structure and logical descriptions to make the contention that ladies ought to be progressively forceful in expert fields.

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Sandberg addresses all womenin this speech. She relates to them as ‘we’ and talk about the contrasts between this world and that of our mothersand grandmothers. By just addressing one sexual orientation in her speech, she perhaps confines the impact she could have on men, however then again, it makes her substantial input more to tune in as speaking to women. The seats in the assembly room are loaded up with women which gives her ethos in this circumstance since she emerges as fruitful among other women. The bigger setting here is the online viewers and anybody keen on watching her speech on the internet, however when she gives her speech, she centers around her prompted audience in front of her, not the more extensive abroad. However, while she doesn’t think about the internet as her audience, it unquestionably expands her audiences, especially to men. On the web, men can hear out on her speech and think about regardless of whether they concur with her main talking points.On, the speech is also increasingly accessible to more girls and women abroadwho couldn’t bear to go to a TED meeting, however may even now be uplifted by her speech, this she has their appeal

One method that Sandberg does not employ is the utilization of an elective medium or visual guides, however this is well on the way to accentuation her own assertion on the stage. Numerous speakers these days will add designs to their addresses to feature the focuses they are making in addition to props to gauge the audience. In the start of her speech,when she is citing business figures, a visual guide may have been useful to the crowd like a chart or PowerPoint presentation.For whatever is left of the speech, in any case, Sandberg was sufficiently dazzling that the audience could concentrate on her without scanning for another thing to take their primary focus.Her movements in front of an audience are exceptionally deliberate; she is plainly agreeable before a huge audience and she moves to another spot in front of an audience with each progression she takes. This makes it simple to pursue the movement of her speech.Her air in front of an audience adds to her ethos and furthermore goes in conjunction with the logos of her primary points.

Sandberg’s utilization of ethos, logos, and sentiments seem specifically target her audience to persuade them that women are underrepresented in jobs around the globe. She is particularly viable in light of the fact that she perceives her intended interest group is women and she tailors her message to them. Sandberg has by and by encountered the sexual orientation difference herself in the business world and, while nothing can change in a blink of an eye , but this speech will ideally inspire numerous women to speak out and be outspoken in their professions.

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