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A Theme Of Stereotyping In The Movies Jumanji And Deadpool

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Comedy is a genre people usually associate with bringing light to a serious subject. They use humor to lighten the mood, but in every comedy movie a real-life issue is being tackled. Two examples of these kinds of movies would be Jumanji and Deadpool. Both films, although they’re wildly different, shine a light on a conflict we still see today; stereotyping. They both used the main characters to represent issues we see with society today.

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In Jumanji, the main characters of the film have very different personalities and interests but are forced to get along and help each other in bodies that are the opposite of their own. For example, the nerdy role in the film plays in the body of a masculine man in the video game, while the football jock plays in the body of said masculine man’s sidekick in the video game. The snobby conceited girl also plays in the body of a middle-aged man while in the video game and ends up showing that there is more to her than just a pretty face. This film shed a light on stereotyping because it showed that people, as nerdy or stuck up as they may seem, are not always what they turn out to be.

Another example of these types of films would be Deadpool. In Deadpool, the main character had to deal with being rejected by society because of the way he looks, which is something people deal with today.

The moral of the story though shows that despite what people may think of you, if you don’t give up things will work out in the end, even if it’s not the way you expected. This film shed a light on a real-life conflict by representing society’s standards using the main character but kept the plot and ending of the movie light-hearted, like Jumanji, which is something the public appreciates.

I think both films represent different conflicts in their own unique ways. The conflicts that were presented in both movies are issues that most people can relate to. They both show that despite how difficult or serious something may seem, you can overcome it with patience and effort, but it still showed that the issue at hand should be resolved It begin with. Despite the fact that both of the movies discussed have happy endings, which is sometimes not the case when it happens in real life, they still raise awareness of the problem at hand.

In conclusion, the morals of both films represent real life issues beautifully, for both their times and todays. They both bring important issues to the surface while keeping the plot of the movie light-hearted and humorous, so their viewers would still enjoy the film, and they also kept the way they brought the issues to light subtle. Despite these films being very different from each other, they both represented conflict as a human phenomenon remarkably well because of the way they were presented. Although this is the case with every film, because every film has a conflict that needs to be resolved, these two movies represented issues we see in society today in a way that was much appreciated by its viewers.

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Do not miss your deadline waiting for inspiration! Our writers will handle essay of any difficulty in no time. Want to get a custom essay from scratch?
Do not miss your deadline waiting for inspiration! Our writers will handle essay of any difficulty in no time. Want to get a custom essay from scratch?