A Trump Versus Sanders Presidential Clash on the Themes of Economic Deficit and Foreign Policy

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With a new Leap year brings new presidential candidates to the forefront of our minds. Each candidate, no matter the party, has a multitude of questions to answer. One of the main questions is the economy and how to fix our deficit. Foreign policy is another important topic for discussion. The health of the American populous and how to assist us comes to the forefront of many individuals throughout the candidacy of these possible presidential candidates. The two presidential candidates I have chosen to discuss, Bernie sanders and Donald trump, both have different views and responses to this question. Each candidate has pros and cons and needs to be broken apart to better understand their wants.

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The first topic is that of the economy. Many people are aware of corrupt officials paying almost no taxes and our ever-rising deficit of $15 million at the least. Both Sanders and Trump have different viewpoints onto the question of the deficit. Bernie Sanders would start decreasing the deficit by ending big tax breaks for large companies. His response to the taxes way of fixing the economy is that he wishes to end or minimize offshore taxes. Both of these ideals work with each other and show that Mr. Sanders does have implemental plans to fix our economy. Trump’s response to this query is that he believes it is unfair how little the rich are being taxed meaning he would increase tax percentages for the rich. Unfortunately, a majority of his plans to end the deficit have either backfired in some way or merely are impossible to implement. Both candidates do have some plans for the economy and how our citizens will continue to prosper.

On the subject of prospering citizens in the united states, the idea of healthcare and how to properly implement it into our lives has become a hot topic of discussion. Obamacare is a flawed system at it’s best so candidates need to find a new way to fix and assist us within this ideal. Donald Trump’s opinion shall be discussed first. Trump wishes to end obamacare and replace it with something much better. Anything related to the “something much better”, however, has yet to be discussed. This, by no means, causes Trump to be bad, it merely means he has yet to have a chance to explain it. Mr. Sanders, on the other hand, agrees that the obamacare is flawed and should be replaced. He also believes that healthcare should be a right and not something only the well off can afford to keep. Our country need to survive longer in order to help other countries survive.

Now that the topic of our natural domain has been addressed, we may now discuss the foreign policy of the candidates we are discussing. Bernie Sanders shall start for this round. Sanders is a peaceful man and his foreign policy agrees with this. He sympathizes with the thousands of refugees in the european nations and hopes to open the borders to accept them more easily. Trump, on the other hand, believes that a more spartan approach is much better. Many voters are already aware of his mexico wall but we shall not dwell on that notion. Trump, in the rest of the world, hopes to bring peace to Israel and defeat or subdue ISIS, A bold but understandable ideal. These are the most common topics discussed between these political advocates and within the eyeglass of our country.

These are two of the many candidates that are rushing to seat of president. Many have fallen out of the race due to a minimal impact or ignorance of the media. Trump is the highest and most well known of the republican candidates. Sanders is a new and well loved candidate, he is more enjoyed by the younger voters due to his acceptance of helping them with their lives. Every candidate has a chance at victory and hopefully this discussion of their policies and opinions of the candidates.

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