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by Gabriel García Márquez

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The chances are high that you might have read A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings by Gabriel García Márquez or know this story under a different title. You might ... be familiar with the story’s plot if you have read the famous story called Skellig. Even if you haven’t read it, our free sample will let you learn A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings summary and have a good start for your essay or reflection paper on the topic. It is a famous plot that brings up the matters of human purity, faith, and morals, which is why any social matter that you choose will work out! Read the story, free your mind, and remember your writer’s vision.



Gabriel Garcia Márquez


Short story


Fantasy, magic realism

Major Characters

Pelayo, Elisenda, The old man with wings

Based on

Story and characters are fictional

Symbols / Motives

Angelic vs. earthly beings, magical, supernatural


The short story has been adapted into a play.


Pelayo and Elisenda find a very old man with wings in their courtyard. The man speaks in an unknown language, and they cannot figure out who he is and where he came from. Pelayo chains the man up in the chicken coop, and people soon start harassing him. Some believe the man is an angel, but Father Gonzaga convinces them that it couldn’t be, since the man doesn’t speak Latin.

The town forgets about the man with wings as soon as a spider-woman comes with the new carnival in town.

With time, the man with wings becomes stronger. One day, he flies away from the house.

Why Is This Topic Important?

The story is one of the most wonderful examples of the magic realism genre. Marquez was very skillful in positioning fantasy elements within a realistic setting.

Main Ideas

People fantasize about angelic beings, but aren’t capable of accepting them when they appear.

Key Quotes

“What surprised him most, however, was the logic of his wings. They seemed so natural on that completely human organism that he couldn’t understand why other men didn’t have them too.”

Interesting Facts

The short story was first published in the journal Casa de las Américas in 1968. The New American Review published it in English in 1971.

Arguments For

The book resembles an adult fairytale. Marquez masterfully makes fantasy elements believable in a realistic setting. The story is short and filled with action.

Arguments Against

For those who want to explore the works of Marquez, it may be an overwhelming start with too much magic realism.

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