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A view on Ocean Conservancy, an NGO missioned to preserve marine life

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The NGO Ocean Conservancy

The non-governmental organization “Ocean Conservancy,” Founded in the midst of the nascent environmental movement in1972 as the Delta Corporation began as a small organization focused on securing grants for environmental educators in Washington D.C. Ocean Conservancy is a nonprofit environmental supporter of a healthy marine growth; this organization helps formulate ocean policies at the federal and state government levels with the objective of protecting the oceans, promoting healthy ocean ecosystems and preserving the wildlife in the ocean, they also oppose of practices that threaten oceanic and human life. They are involved in many different causes here it is illustrated different examples of past and current programs, The Arctic; they are trying to delay the corporation’s expansions to the Artic and to protect the delicate area. Aquaculture advocates for national regulatory standers of ocean fish farming. Marine conservation activism, they try to preserve crucial places in the ocean. Trash-Free Seas, this organization partners with different others organizations, government, and industries to develop ocean trash solutions. Gulf Restoration and Fisheries, The organization advocates for science-based restoration plans that will end overfishing and create sustainable and productive fisheries.

Coastal and Marine Spatial Planning, they try to promote ocean health through the implementation of smart planning that will ensure durability to the coasts and marine ecosystems. The NGO, Ocean Conservancy has achieved many accomplishments; although aren’t directly related to Climate changed issues, it does contribute at some level to this interconnected problem. Since this problem can’t be attacked by a single way that’s why they try to contribute with ideas for the seeking of the maintenance and the rehabilitation of other areas like the ocean that can provide a relief and supply for new solutions to the problem establish in Climate change; for example, Coral reef protection and Marine Sanctuaries programs, the protection of Marine mammals, International Coastal Cleanup, Fisheries, and the nursing and attention to the Sea turtles.

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All of those small actions together can help to adjust the problems of climate changed like the cleaning of the trash in the sea helps to decrease air and water pollution which can affect people in infinitely different ways. This organization brings solutions along with education for the masses. They have partnered with popular multi-platforms campaigns to inspire and educate millions of people worldwide to join their cause which should be everyone’s cause since affect directly or indirectly every single person on this planet. My perspective of their work is they are really an effective organization since they have clear and achievable goals and because it’s already seen their capability to complete and solve diverse problems related to the ocean conservancy.

The maintenance of the ocean is a huge responsibility and comes along with different and multiple complex questions and problems; however, this organization has managed to still ensure and promote a different view of the importance to keep a healthy environment in the ocean. They also had motivated thousands of people and had encouraged them to mobilize and contribute to a positive change. They had helped important programs and movements like “The Recovery of the Coral Reefs Program.” The Coral Reefs are huge and important ecosystems in the ocean that provide critical and irreplaceable species and biodiversity. I can easily conclude they are beyond effective on what they are trying to do. Like everything in life there’s always witnesses that could be improved and this organization is not the exception; “Ocean Conservancy,” has been criticized that the policies that they have been implementing are weakened the fishing industry, so that means that the mechanism that they are trying to apply aren’t as effective since the industries are getting hurt, the reality is that we need fish industries to provide us food; even though the main focus should be the restoration and maintenance of the ocean and the environment, it can’t get better at the cost of loss of our system of our food providing industries. They could improve their ways of trying to conserve the ocean without hurting in big scale the industries of which we depend on.


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