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A Way to Reach an "American Dream" On My Own Example

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The American Dream! Every one of us knows that America is the land of opportunities. We have the freedom to practice any religion, speech, assembly, liberty, press, and petition the government. There are many of us who are born in America or immigrated from different countries in the world. We respect and value our cultural beliefs, traditions and respect other people’s culture and beliefs. Even with so many differences, we all live together and share our community and country. We work harder than others to build our family and to build our community and our country. Everyone has equal opportunities irrespective of race, color, and ethnicity. Our history reveals that hard work, determination, and planning has made America a successful nation in the world. Everyone has to obey the laws and nobody is above the law. We have to learn about our history, so we can understand how strength, unity, and determination can help us succeed our dreams in life.

My personal dream relates to the American Dream because it has similar characteristics and it has a similar pathway to success. My dream is to become a Neurosurgeon. I had this dream since my mom became a nurse, which was five years ago. I saw how she worked really hard, read different books to even get into the program and gained knowledge and skills to help the patients. She had to sacrifice family time, work and attend clinics until 11:00 pm. I understood that her chosen path was not easy, but she proved that hard work, planning, and dedication that achieved her dreams. She is a perfect example for me and my sibling to see how it is to plan, implement, and working harder, which can achieve goals/dreams. I want to help people with their sufferings and to use the latest technology to make many things easier and safer for patients. I want to use my robotics skills that I am terrific at along with science to treat and help patients. I know it’s a hard path, but I want to give myself a challenge and work hard and plan accordingly. I plan to take advanced placement courses in my senior year so that I can improve my grade point and have a good reputation for a good college. I will try to improve my grade so that I can get an admission in a well reputed college. I’m currently planning on taking SAT courses, so I can be better prepared for the test in April.

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In college, I want to take pre-med and then go to medical school. I am planning to get into the University of Michigan or Michigan State University and get a PhD degree. If everything works out as planned, It would take me at least 11 years to achieve my dream. I’m currently volunteering at a hospital, so I can have interactions and experience with patients. I can get to see how patients are treated and what I can do in the future to help. I know that my career path is hard, and time consuming, but I hope at the end my dreams come true. I know that I have to sacrifice things such as family time, playing video games, and having fun with friends. I should put my studies as a priority to other things in my life. I plan on becoming competent, confident and comfortable, which would help me to succeed and achieve my career goals. If I succeed in my plans, I will earn enough money, have a family and contribute my skills, money, and time to develop our community that will help build our country stronger. I will volunteer and help the people in need in our community.

I think my dream is connected to the “American Dream” because nothing was easy in the past and neither is it now. I have seen many examples of how hard work never goes to waste. Many successful professionals, leaders, and scientist had to walk through the path of many difficulties. They had to face many challenges and struggles to fulfill their dream. Our forefathers dreamed of a place where everyone is treated equally, have the freedom to do anything, and have the same rules and regulations. They made today’s America with their hard work, sacrifice, and determination. We should all thank them for making our country successful and a strong nation in the world.

The “American dream” is a strength, belief, confidence that everyone can achieve through reading our history which has shown that any individual who works hard, plan, and through determination can achieve their dreams just like our forefathers that achieved today’s America. Everyone should have a dream, aim to achieve it and help our community by actively participating in activities that will help people in need. I hope to work as I have planned which will help me achieve my dreams.


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