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A Way To Success Of A Famous Businessman, Mahasaya Dharampal Hatti

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Mahasaya Dharampal Hatti

Perhaps you do not know this name, this is the same Mahasaya Dharampal Hatti whose famous spices you eat in your food. M.D.H. Name the famous Masala King. Friends do not get success, they work very hard for success like Mahasaya Dharam Pal Hatti ji has done. There is also a very big elephant behind their success and behind this success is a very romantic story. Let’s know that very tragic story.

Mahasaya Dharampal Hatti was born in Sialkot, which is in Pakistan today. They were from a normal family; their financial condition was not very good; Mahasaya Dharampal Hatti was admitted to the school, but since childhood he was very weak in studies. His mind did not seem to be studied. Despite the father’s explanation, Mahasaya Dharampal Hatti did not pay attention to studies at all, due to lack of meditation in reading, he failed in the fifth class, and with this he also left school. Father sent them to a shop to learn some work. After some days, he also left the shop and gradually the time went ahead. Dharam Pal Hatti who had left almost 50 work till the age of 15.

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Sialkot was very famous for red chillies, so his father opened a small spice shop, he started to trade well, but in those days the movement was at its peak for independence. When the country was liberated in 1947, Sialkot was made a part of Pakistan, due to this, the people of the Hindu community living there started to feel insecurity, and the riots had spread too fast. For this reason, the entire family of Maha Dharampal Hatti had to leave Sialkot. According to Mahasaya Dharmapal Hatti, there was a lot of terrible situation in all, and there was a scourge everywhere. People were leaving their homestead and running away. In any way, the whole family of Mahatma Dharam Pal Hatti, with great difficulty, visited Nanak’s place, but now he was a refugee and had robbed everything of his own.

Mahatma Dharam Pal Hati’s entire family reached Amritsar (Punjab, India) after walking several miles and from Punjab he came to his relative who lived in Delhi and after that, the whole family of Mahasaya Dharampal Hatti came to Karol Bagh Delhi. When his family came to Delhi, at that time his family had only 1500 rupees and no work was done, but after buying some money he bought a copper horse and in this way he became a copper driver. But God had some more approval, for about two months, he worked as a copper-horse on Qutub Road, Delhi, and after that he thought that he would not be able to work as a copper-horse, but what would he do? Because he did not know any other work except spice, after thinking of some thought- he started working on grinding and selling spices at home. Because of the integrity and the purity of the spices, their business gradually started moving forward. Due to the high demand, spices did not grind them at home and started roasting over a miller at the mill.

One day when Mahatma Dharam Pal Hati went to meet the trader, he saw that he was adulterating the spices, seeing this, Mahasaya Dharmapala Hatti was deeply saddened and he made the idea of setting up a factory to grind his own masala and Kirtinagar They first installed the factory. Mahasaya Dharampal Hatti did not look back after that day and after the second one and then the third factory was established and in the same way, he continued his business all over the world.

Today M.D.H. (Mahasaya Dharampal Hatti) has become a big brand and their spice sells all over the world. Today Mahasaya Dharampal Hatti is a great man of great interest. Mahasaya Dharampal Hatti is also a social worker, many places in India have established school and hospital.


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