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A World With Social Media In 2020

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Every day something different occurs, whether it may be a natural disaster, a reform movement, or a new cure/innovation that could change lives. We are all looking through an electronic device that connects us to a whole other world; a more modern world. Millions of people every day check social media as soon as they open their eyes and right before they close. Social media has become a way to become informed about what is going on around us. It becomes useful when we are so caught up in our lives that we don’t realize what is going on around us.

I believe social media is good for the society because it can be informative to sharing and expanding new ideas, allows us to bring light to issues that have been silenced, and keeps us up to date about world related news. As we live our lives through out each day our mind is constantly asking questions, wondering and exploring. Most of us simply reach out to our little electronic devices and start typing questions that might have answers online. We post a thought on Facebook or Twitter hoping that someone will acquire us with advice or answers to our question. About 59% of students who have access to the internet and learn to use it properly report they use social media to discuss educational topics and discuss school assignments. Students become more involved in debate or polls online and in class activities that discuss certain topics mentioned on social media because they are more aware.

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A study published in the Journal of Applied Developmental Psychology that stated college freshmen should use social media create networks of new friends and integrate in their new schools to reduce the rate of drop outs. In 2015, when tensions among race inequality grew, the “Black Lives Matter” campaign rose on Twitter and addressed the issues of racism, oppression, and police brutality in the U. S. The campaign opened the doors of the lives living behind inequality and prejudice. The Black Lives Matter movement pressured government officials to publicly address the issue. Without the help of online users’, movements like the “Black Lives Matter” wouldn’t have been as public for the world to see. Another public issue moved by social media was gun control movement. Students from Marjory High in Florida use social media to assemble a gun control movement after the deadly shooting occurred at their school.

The students used Twitter to promote the protest that could save millions of students from going through their former situation and registered thousands to vote. People use sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. to promote nationwide protests quickly without costs. It informs people about topics that have been excluded by biased news programs or just not known by many. It causes worldwide movements to stop issues we encounter in our everyday lives so that our children live a safer life and have a better future than the one we have today. False and biased information is often spread by news cast for the sole purpose to increase their ratings causing their credibility to cascade. It is likely that people who use social media frequently report issues faster and less overstated than news outlets. 78. 5 % of media reporters use social media to look for news because online users spread news quicker. During the attack on Paris it was reported that social media users reported the attacks faster than news casts. It saved and informed millions of people all over the world and eased the hearts of those who had acquaintances near the locations of attacks. When the Ebola outbreak occurred in 2004, its relevancy on Twitter informed others of the risks and the precautions for the disease.

The relevancy of the disease on Twitter allowed people to be alert. People often say social media is a very dangerous tool and has gotten out of hand. Because of social media teens have a greater risk of being exposed to false information. It can be too time consuming and causes a distraction. There can be many fraudulent activities on the web having an influence on youngsters. However, social media will not just disappear, we have to make others of aware of the risks there are to expose yourself to others online and show them the correct way to make use of what can be beneficial and safe to us and others on the web. As the advances someone is informed or something new is created, spread, or revealed with the help of social media. Voices are heard, and lives are changed. Things that weren’t seen before are now in the light to users thanks to social medias quick ways. Despite the misinterpretations it can have, social media does further good than harm.


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