A Wrong Perspective About Money and American Dream in The Great Gatsby Story

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The American Dream is that dream of a country where life for everyone should be better, wealthier, and full of success, with opportunity for each according to skill or accomplishment. It is a hard illusion to translate properly for the higher classes, and too many of us have grown tired and uncertain of it. Many people try to come to the United States to produce a better life for their kids and for them, some even to help their family back to their home country. Some people are willing to give their lives up to see their families succeed. The American Dream is attainable because if you work hard and do it with dedication you can succeed.

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There are many Americans who do not believe in the American dream or believe it has become impossible. Many people who lack faith and trust actually believe that factors such as discrimination and unequal opportunities impede one's chance of accomplish this American dream.In the story of The Great Gatsby we have Jay Gatsby who worked hard for his money and to succeed but he had a wrong perspective about his money and American dream . Gatsby thought that he was great and powerful. Gatsby died pursuing his dream and he never gave up on the way there “tomorrow we will run faster, stretch out our arms together”(Fitzgerald). This quote might have different meanings to audiences, this quote could mean that something is attainable if you’re in it for the right reasons or it could mean to fail today and try again tomorrow.

This dream could be the world to someone, if someone doesn't feel happy or successful in life they will think they don't have a purpose. In the story “the grad who beat the odds, asks why not others” the main character made it out a tough neighborhood by being humble and hard-working. He’s a good example of an America Dream he had dedication and he wanted to make his mom proud. Some people lose dedication because their first try at something might be bad so they just give up instead of trying again. Some people don't have someone or something that pushes them to succeed, “teachers provided what nobody else had a culture of achievement and hard work”(Sanches).

As the dream goes around the world many want to get closer to a place where they can achieve it. Many teens take a lot for granted and they think because they are successful now it's going to be like that for the rest of their lives. The story “the ex-basketball player” is a good example for this statement, in this story a high school basketball player was popular and very valuable for his success on the team but when high school was over he turned to candy and junk food and he distracted himself not following the best path lacking effort and determination so he became a worker at a gas station, “he never learned trade he just sells gas”(updike). this states his life now and not what it could of been.

While some may believe the American Dream isn’t attainable it is proven through “The grad who beats the odds asks, why not others” that The American Dream is all about dedication and perseverance. We as humans need to have the need to achieve this goal, no matter how high in class they are. Someone in a higher class might not work hard to get something as someone in a lower class. As a reader the dream seems easy and pleasant but hard and challenging to obtain as life goes on. Dedication and hardwork are just one of the reasons why the American Dream is attainable.



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