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A Young Man with a Talent

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Once there was an adopted who was able to find random lost things, both his parents had been killed when the boy was nine, the community raised the boy he began to have a scene for objects around him even when they were not visible the ability continued to grow through his teens and by his twenties he was actually able to sniff out lost items he neighbours discovered his talent accidently one day he was down at the supermarket when a woman had dropped her eftpos card as he enter the store he was able to sniff it out and told her it was down by the bakery isle. As news spread around the neighbourhood about the boys skills people reacted in two ways there were the deeply appreciative and the sceptics the appreciative ones called up the man regularly to help them find their missing items while the sceptics called him over too and watched him like a hawk he would still find their items but they would insist it was and elabourite scam the man was doing it for attention. Maybe declared one woman maybe he stole the items so that we would lose them and hide the somewhere in our house so that he could find them, how do we know it was really lost in the first place what is going on the young man didn’t know what was going on himself all he knew was the feeling of a light tug small but consistent and he would just follow that trail. Each object had its own way of getting his attention some were like young kids tugging at his sleeve when they wanted something he could sense, could smell an object’s presence he did not need to see it to know where it put its gravity down as would be expected items that were kilometres away took much more concentration for him to sense them.

When misses allens little boy didn’t come home one afternoon that’s when alarm bells started to ring the boy was always home on time. He had allergies and needed a pill before going out to play that day by 345 alone miss allen was a wreck she had only lost him once and that was at a supermarket but he had been found quite easily under the produce tables crying the walk home from school was a straight line and the boy was not the wandering kind misses allen was just a regular neighbor except for one fact through inheritance she was the owner of i large emerald she called the green star it sat glass cased in the kitchen where she insisted everyone could see it .on this day she took the green star out of its case and stuck her palms on it where is my boy she said standing there weeping. A neighbor recommended she try the young man to try help find her boy although miss allen was a sceptic she thought anything was a worthwhile idea and as he called the man in a trembling voice she said find my boy . the young man was just about to go play basketball with his friends he found the basketball in the bathtub you lost him said the young man her phone clicked one moment said misses allen and the young man held on when she returned it was shaking with rage he has been kidnapped she said they want the green star at this moment he realised it was mis aleem he was talking to and said oh i see everyone in town was familiar with miss allen’s greenstar i’ll be right over he said the woman’s voice was to run with tears to respond in his basketballs shoes and shirt the young man jogged over to her house he was amazed how the green star was all exactly the same shade of green he had a dersire to licj it by this time misses allen was in hysterics how do i get my boy back they didn’t tell me what i need to do the young man tried to feel the scent of the boy he asked for a photo and stared at it a brown haired boy at his kindergarten graduation with a smile from ear to ear miss allen went back to the young man can you find him she said but he had only ever found objects before not an actual person he felt this was out of his range of what he could find he wasn’t a policeman.

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Misses allen called the police and reported the boy missing one officer showed up at the house ohh it the finding guy he said the young man dipped his head modistly he turned his head to the right to the left north south he got a glimpse of the young boy towards to north and followed it out the back door through the garden night approached and the sky seemed to grow and deepen in the sky what’s his name he called again at miss allen Leonard she said he he couldn’t quite feel him he felt the air he felt the tug inside the green star displaced from its home in asia he felt the tree that had recently been planted uprooted from the other side of wellington to be planted here and he felt the tug from his watch that was gifted to him buy his uncle maybe the boy was to far away by now he heard the policeman ask what he is wearing mssi allen said he was wearing a blue shirt and their young man focussed in on the colour blue he turned off his distractions and the blue shirt appeared calling from the north west like a distant radio station he started walking and about 14 houses down he felt the blue shirt seeking at him and he walked right into the back yard and right through the back door and sure enough there was four people watching tv including the tear stained boy eating a moro bar the young man scooped up the boy while the others watched so supperised they did nothing and one even muttered “sorry man”


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