Study on How Strategic Communication Can Drive Positive Employee Performance


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As requested, I have conducted secondary source research to find out how strategic communications is used by leaders in the contemporary world. My thesis is that if we start using strategic communication this can be a key point in the success of our company. This argument is developed in terms of three themes: strategic communication drives positive performance, creates a suitable environment for employees and creates a broader range of choices.

Strategic Communication Drives Positive Performance

Argenti (2017) says, ‘Transparency of vision and direction of the company drives positive performance’. With the boost in positivity of our employees, the production of the company will elevate automatically. The way employees work will change significantly when strategic communication will be applied in the organization (Mortenius 2011). I therefore recommend that there should be more clarity of vision from the leader to employees and you should attend all the meetings with lower staff. The leader should explain the reason why she is taking any particular decision and she should explain the mechanism of any decision which she is taking for the company. For example, in 2015, Greater Hume Shire Council developed communication system of organization and this plan helped in building a positive environment inside the company as well as reputation of company among society.

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Strategic Communication Creates Suitable Environment for Employees

Strategic communication provides better environment for employees to grow in and feel valued in (Argenti 2017). Tworzydło (2015), says, ‘with strategic communication, it is easier to find in an employee a loyal craftsman devoted to work, a person associated with his workplace not only based on remuneration’. I therefore recommend that we should enforce strategic communication in our company. In this type of environment, employees will feel like they are working at home. For example, in home, all family members discuss problems together and find solutions. Similarly, as every employee will be a part of every discussion and decision of the organization, therefore all of the employees will feel that the company is a home and every employee is a member of this family. This feeling will make them work with more enthusiasm.

Broader Scope of Choices

If we will discuss each other’s way of thinking then we can get a more reliable solution for any problem and ultimately it will give variety in available options and we can select the better option (Tworzydło 2015, p.52). By discussing the company’s problems with all staff, we can get number of possible solutions because everyone has a different perspective to look at a problem and this is possible if we shift towards strategic communication. Mortenius (2011) states, ‘Strategic communication is optimal when there is a willingness to adopt innovative ideas’. I recommend that we should consider the new ideas from our young employees.

From the above discussion, it is clear that a shift towards strategic communication in ABC will be beneficial. The argument is grounded on three qualities of strategic communication, that is, it drives positive performance, creates a suitable environment for employees and gives a wide ambit of choices. I think that after the implementation of this concept, our company will reach new heights. Thank you for asking me to prepare this research and formulate recommendations for our company. Please feel free to contact me if you want to ask anything about this research.

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