Abortion: Choice Or Crime Against Life

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Abortion: the deliberate termination of a human pregnancy, most often performed during the first 28 weeks. A child is considered one of the greatest gifts from God, it knows no right nor does it know any wrong. A child has an untainted innocence, the purest in the world. We pride ourselves in knowing that we have evolved from living in caves to being able to see the outermost depths of our Galaxy, yet we abort a child essentially ending its life in an inhumane way and sending it to a gelid grave. That is if it is even given one. I fear that our society will soon see abortion as another form of contraception and will not see nor feel the weight of their decisions. I fear that with abortion rates at an all-time high this may be the case in the near future. The United States are considered one of the largest powerhouses of the world yet many Americans are opposed to abortion. There are women who pride themselves in being modern and independent but show no clemency in murdering their own flesh and blood.

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Abortion is murder. The child is alive in the womb. An unborn child develops a heartbeat at 24 days and brainwaves at 43 days; these are used to confirm death so what is stopping them from being used to confirm life? An abortion is carried out in the most inhumane ways from slowly poisoning the baby with acid to crushing its skull and dismembering its body. We consider ourselves more advanced and more intelligent than our early ancestors but how can we accept the widespread manslaughter of babies? More than 60 million babies have been murdered since the legalisation of abortion, exceeding the population of Italy. That is around 1 child every 24 seconds. In Britain alone more than 8.8 million have been lost to the 1967 Abortion Act. It is saddening and devastating to think this happens in nearly every western country. The embryo is alive. It completes the four facts to form biolo6gical life: metabolism, reaction to stimuli, growth and reproduction. As soon as fertilisation takes place aspects such as the colouring of the hair, skin and eyes, the sex of the child are resolved and other aspects such as the height and build are affected as well. The man who performed the first ever blood transfusion on an unborn child described his experience. 'By 30 days, weeks past mother's first missed period, the baby - one quarter of an inch long- has a brain of unmistakable human proportions, eyes, ears, mouth, kidneys, livers, an umbilical cord and a heart pumping blood he has made himself.'

A woman does have the right to do whatever she pleases with her body but it's no longer just her body when she is pregnant. These women who command that they should have complete control over their bodies, should also be in control of avoiding the pregnancy in the first place, we are truly ingrate in this sense Ben SHapiro, a pro life activist compares slavery and abortion of. 'The argument in favour of abortion is exactly the same as the argument in favour of slavery; you're on my land It is up to me whether you're a person or property, when you have women who say it’s in my womb I get to decide based on what I feel today and whether this is a child or not, it turns out that in human history there is a long and inglorious chain of people who said I get to decide whether this person is a person or not and it never ends with anything but mass death.' We believe that we have avoided history repeating itself but have we really? In this world where we treat a human baby as a possession and without clemency murder it in a savage and barbaric way. We don't hesitate to kill our own, our own kin. Injustice. Not only to the child who has lost its live for convenience sake but also to every human being. We murder these innocent and pure children just because they are inconvenient to us, even if you do not wish to raise a child someone will. In America alone 1.5 million families are looking to adopt. There is no such thing as an unwanted child. A lot of people will argue that the woman will still have to carry the child for nine months and have to go through the pains of labour. Is your discomfort for nine months more important than a living humans life? It is extremely easy to obtain contraception such as a condom which can be bought in nearly every supermarket and drugstore. You can also talk to your GP and get other forms of contraception such as the contraceptive pills or implants-these can further minimise the risk of getting pregnant. Labour is no longer as painful or as dangerous as it once was with medicine advancing tremendously in the past 100 years with things such as an epidural. There is no such thing as it being the child’s fault. We must accept that life sometimes does not go as planned but this does not give us the right to determine whether or not take away a life.

There are emotional and psychological repercussions when you have an abortion such as things like depression There are also physical risks associated with abortions an example being the likelyhood of ectopic pregnancies doubleing meaning that the egg implants somewhere other than the uterus. More risks are: the chance of a miscarriage and pelvic inflammatory disease increases. These all can affect your future pregnancies and may result in you not ever being able to fall pregnant naturally again, thus losing the chance to fully experience motherhood from first finding out the news to feeling your own flesh and bloods first movements. Most women end up having an abortion early in life while lacking life experience and end up having long lasting regrets due to their decision, which will haunt them for the rest of their lives. A drug called RU-486 is used to abort a child, people who use it experience symptoms such as nausea, severe cramping, vomiting and bleeding, this lasts for a week till the woman will 'eject' a small dead child, her own child. The pressure to abort a child when you fall pregnant is huge as society views unwed women who fall pregnant as ‘lose’ yet it condones and even considers it right to crush a child’s head in and skewer its brains out all while using euphemisms such as ‘terminating a pregnancy’.

Pregnancies caused by rape and incest are extremely low. In America alone significantly under 1% of abortions are due to rape and incest with only 0.08% of rape cases ending with a pregnancy. The majority of women who keep the baby despite being raped always agree that they are not raising the rapist's child, but their own. We also see that a lot of people who are pro choice will use the excuse of rape and incest to make abortion legal. They are using the minority of cases to make the rest seem acceptable. The woman who is raped is the victim but so is the baby as it will have to pay the price for the crime that his or her parent committed. However, what about the woman who was just careless with ensuring she had proper contraception and then decided to murder her child because it will be too much of a 'hassle' or a 'burden' on her part. Why must the child who is the purest in the world have to suffer such injustice? Why must it have to bear with being torn to shreds and its remains sucked into bottle without ever even receiving a proper grave? Why?

In conclusion, a lot of people will argue that abortion is a woman's choice but the baby has its own unique DNA from the mother. It is not the mothers property. It is no ones property. It's a human being just like you or me. It does not deserve to go through such painful and inhumane methods only because they are viewed as being inconvenient. You would not want that, so why are you forcing it upon an innocent child?

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