Abortion - is It a Murder Or In-Favor of Society?

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In the modern era, we all gifted with a sense of living. We all have the right to choose from different options. Out of all those options is choosing to give life to a fetus or not is considered an abortion or a real murder? Abortion is not something that is overlooked, but sometimes it is not given the proper attention it deserves. Is it the end before the start? This a question of a lot of debate nowadays.

The psychological and physiological factors make it necessary for the legalization and ease of access to facilities in undergoing an abortion. It causes a lot of chaos and arguments among various intellectual personalities. Abortion is a procedure where the baby is killed by mother due to the understandable reasons when some aren’t ready for motherhood. Carol was right on her part to obtain an abortion.

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Right is life is the most sacred possession carried by human beings but there is no surprise that there are few complications related to abortion. Some consider abortion as immoral while on the other spectrum, some believe it as the right to freedom of choice. By pro-choice, Carol was right on her part for the abortion.

Firstly, she was concerned about her career goals due to which she was on her serious practiced birth control oral contraceptives. Despite taking pills, she got pregnant. So, it clears she didn’t want pregnancy and it is her full right to go for abortion. Secondly, somehow if she agreed upon the mutual decision made by both the partners to go with the pregnancy and have the baby but the medical reasons did not allow to carry baby further in her womb due to genetic abnormalities. She had an amniocentesis which resulted in trisomy, in which baby just had 10 percent chances of surviving to a year. On the moral grounds, she was right to avoid so much pain to her and baby.

Another reason could be that some mothers are too young to have a baby and do not possess adequate knowledge about raising a child. The Maturity level is low in young mothers. Therefore, to avoid stressful situations in future it is advisable to abort if the mother feels that she cannot take care of her child properly and should be allowed to make her decision for it when she is completely ready for it.

During pregnancy, the woman undergoes so many hormonal changes. She not only risks her life but ignores her interests completely. During pregnancy her immunity is very weak, thus making her prone to illness. All her bodily nutrients are directed towards the placenta for nourishment to the infant. Does this seem fair or unfair for holding someone who is yet not born responsible for her weakness? With this regard, it makes sense that no one can force a female to continue with the pregnancy where her health is at stake and she is physically not ready to go further. If somehow, she continues with the pregnancy despite her health issues, it can cause so many physical abnormalities like miscarriage could occur, premature birth of a young one or the worse could be a death of the mother. For example, if a mother occurs to have a serious medical problem like cancer, it is a threat to both mother and child. So, it is permissible to have an abortion.

On the flipside, there are some objections to the reasons given.

Carol was determined to focus on her career goals, so to enjoy a married life she was on oral contraceptive pills to avoid unnecessary pregnancy. I would say that there could have been much more options to avoid pregnancy like condom use or pills taken just taken within 72 of mating and many other medical procedures she could have opted for immediately. But instead of that she went on a trip and completely ignored the seriousness of the situation and didn’t realize how bad the situation can be later leading to so many ill-effects both to her and family as well as the under-development baby.

She could have not agreed with the family for keeping the baby, should have taken a stand for her decision and career. I believe so that she was double minded for the aborting or keeping the baby.

As far as a genetic problem, science is nowadays so advance. She could have seen some good physician, underwent medical treatment for the abnormality the baby had. As of now, many treatments are available. She could have checked family histories, done blood tests from time to time, taken some multivitamins, ensured that there is enough folic acid in the body by the time she knew she is expecting a baby to reduce the risk of abnormalities.

Another objection is related to the age factor of mothers. Many girls are married at an early age and do not possess a sense of maturity of raising a child, doing child planning, taking care of herself during pregnancy. I believe that there should be some age barrier for girls to get married and conceive a baby.

She should avail all possible amenities required. Adding further, a mother should take care of herself that she is physically and emotionally sound to have a baby. Also, some major tests should be done prior to pregnancy to prevent abnormalities in the young one. Furthermore, I would like to put some limelight on this with my reply on this scenario.

In my viewpoint, as she was career oriented and she has the right to be but alongside she should acknowledge that fact that motherhood is completely important in a life of a female. Female is blessed to have a baby. She should have known there is appropriate age of having a baby rather than delaying to later age. She was clueless about the fact that there is some family expectation attached to her, her better half could have wanted to be a father as early as possible. Also, her in-laws may seek a grandchild from the couple.

However, she could have better prepared herself for the situation she was and let it go as it comes. There are some norms set by God and we should not intervene in it. She should have made herself strong to have a baby by balancing everything including her interests as well as her goals with the pregnancy.

Adding further, according to Don Marquis abortions are immoral and should come under a same category as the killing of innocent ones. He says that it is a victim’s loss of the value of its future. He also says that it’s a loss to us too as we are killing fetuses who have a future life like ours.

In the process of abortion as stated above the fetus is only at risk. Abortions are permissible if they are due to rape/incest. Many abortions occur because a child is unwanted or inconvenient to the parents or they are not ready for the parenthood.

Having abortion do not have any loss to society as no one was attached to it, as they never knew or had any kind of relation or attachment with the fetus. For example, my friend Jennie decided to have abortion as she was not mentally ready for the baby and after the abortion it didn’t had any effect on the family as no one was attached to it. Thus, no one lost anything, it is morally permissible.

To conclude, abortion is an extremely controversial and highly debatable topics nowadays. There are endless arguments upon this that is it a murder or in-favor of society. Opinions on this topic differ person to person and it may be reasonable on some grounds or circumstances. Abortion should be legal as it gives right to have baby or not because sometimes it could be surprising/unplanned pregnancy and one should have an opportunity to abort it rather than keeping it.

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