Abortion is Murdering Or the Right to Choose

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In medicine, an abortion is a loss of pregnancy due to the premature exit of the products of conception (fetus, fetal membranes & placenta) from the uterus due to any case. An abortion may occur spontaneously or may be medically induced. The miscarriage of three or more consecutive pregnancies is termed a habitual abortion or recurrent pregnancy loss.

Abortion is murdering? As far as social and moral obligations are concerned, remains to be one of the most contested issues in the world. Here, the arguments are on the basis of whether to either support or reject abortion grounded on some related facts and laws. The statements made by the anti-abortionists are all based on preserving human lives from the point of actually giving full rights and priority to an unborn fetus’ life over that of the mothers. On the other hand, statements from the supporters of abortions are all based on women possessing full control of their bodies and their own basic human rights to the point of prioritizing their lives than that of the fetus.

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Some anti-abortionists claim that abortion leads to the physical demise of the mothers, therefore to prevent it, one must either make sure to stop abortion completely- through the combination of tough laws, sex education, family planning and contraception. However, supporters of abortion say that by labeling abortion as murder becomes merely a statement which are based on religious beliefs and the choice of aborting lies in the hands of the women. They state that abortion should be legalized as women also have their equal rights of handling their own lives and such action remains to be justified in many cases even though it possess some aspects of moral status of the fetus.

For instance, when a woman is raped, it would be quite a tough decision, and the victim falls into a dilemma where she has to either endure the pregnancy and let the child remind her of the trauma or abort the fetus and carry the guilt of being a murderer. At such a predicament, the supporters believe that abortion would be the only option since they argue that the fetus normally feeds on the bodies of women. Women possess justifiable grounds for abortion if their lives are endangered and if by any case, they are being raped and when they have taken precautions to avoid pregnancy.

However, the argument becomes merely false because some anti-abortionists say that the fetus being the conscious event which is one of the predicted and intended outcome or the result. The fetus has its full moral status because it has the right to live. So such rights of living cannot be taken away from the fetus as it possess some moral status. 

In opposition to above statement, supporters of abortion state that the fetus does not possess full-fledged life yet. Even though it has not been a person yet and doesn’t even resemble to be a people in the early stage. So such abortion at this stage can be permissible but those supporters have no sense of life. The fetus is indeed a new life, an authentic, equal or equivalent to human life. Also, a fetus of eight weeks old can feel pain, have its own fingerprints which it would be carrying on into its adulthood. It becomes a legitimate fact that fetus internal organs have become intact and operational. Hence, because of such notions, anti-abortionists seem to reject such actions since it becomes brutal and inhumane, a vicious form of murdering an innocent human being.

Therefore, it becomes evident that the arguments stated by anti-abortionists are power full with strong justifications than that of supporters of abortion. It is indeed morally right when stating about some unborn child without even giving them a chance to see the world and have their lives. Abortion therefore by beliefs or by law is just not right. Killing the innocent ones who does not even know their actual cause becomes unacceptable in Bhutanese beliefs as well as in laws of the country. The child itself becomes a result of some feelings and desire which every human must understand and accept what the outcomes or consequences are. If one is not responsible for the consequences of such as act, then do not deserve the title of being called as a human. So abortion in the context should be prohibited and it should be dealt seriously with strict laws and regulations governing it.        

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