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Refugees are ordinary individuals forced to leave their homes due to things such as conflict, discrimination, hunger, poverty, and so on. Their lives are turned inside out because of war, gender/sex, and starvation while fleeing home. Their lives turn back again when they find a home so they can blend in with society without being judged, be accepted by that society, or have food to eat. Ha is a girl who lives in Saigon, Vietnam, and is 10 years old. Her three brothers and her mother live with her, but her father got captured in the war. Ha is a very stubborn girl but over time she shifts positively. Because of the Vietnam wars her world is turned inside out as the communists come over and take over South Vietnam, she and her family are forced to escape on a cruise leaving much of their precious belongings behind her and her family’s home. When she moves to Alabama her life eventually starts to turn back again it was tough at school at first because she looked different from the other kids so she got picked on, but things got better. Later when she and her family eventually received a letter from her dad they all suffer the loss of possessions regardless of who are refugees, where they are from, or why they leave, but they also find new homes or may resettle.

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Due to death and loss of family, hunger, and loss of possessions, the lives of refugees turn ‘inside out. Ha is losing belongings because it says ‘left behind’, which reveals that while escaping, Ha and her family had to leave things behind. Refugees all also suffer hunger because it states ‘Most refugees are sick and malnourished when they arrive’ in the text ‘who, where, why’ This indicates that refugees are hungry. It also says in the text ‘children of war’ that I enjoyed life before the war. But after I found out about the death of my father, everything seemed so pointless. This shows that she experienced a family death.

The lives of refugees turn ‘back again’ when they find a home and without being judged, the people of that society welcome them or have food to eat, they will fit in with society. They say ‘Here, people do not judge you by your religion.’ In meaning ‘children of war,’ the children can blend in without being judged. This indicates that without being judged, they can claim their nationality. Ha’s life changes back again when she is acknowledged when she claims that ‘Our whole family has an Alabama sponsor.’This means that they were admitted into America by the person. It also says  ‘Who, where, why,’ ‘Thousands have fled in search of food and water to neighboring countries.’ This indicates that people’s lives are turned back so they have food to eat and a home to live in.

So, their lives are different as refugees finally find their homes, so they may have struggled for a little while, but they’re getting better. Although many experiences change their lives forever, gradually their lives start to turn back again. They begin to change when the lives of refugees turn back again so they can fit in with society without being criticized, welcomed by that society, or having food to eat. Such interventions support refugees because they have a better life than they had before and help them get used to their new lives.

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