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Our bioethics project topic was the artificial womb or bio bag created by Doctor Alan W. Flake. While there are some sources that list why the technology is morally questionable, the vast majority lean toward discussing the potential benefits of its existence especially to prevent disease that comes with being born premature such as respiratory issues and cerebral palsy. Although the AI generated exploration maps yielded similar results, there was still a notable difference between the map generated by our group conclusion and the map that was generated using a peer reviewed scholarly article.

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Above is the exploration map that was generated as a result of imputing our groups summary on the subject of artificial wombs. Compared to the one generated from the scholarly source. This map focuses more heavily on the pieces of the experiment separately listing the words mother, lamb and baby and has much simpler subcategories like pregnancy and premature risk. My groups summary of the subject leans toward being in agreeance of the use of artificial wombs and this seems to make the group summary map more focused on the details of the subject itself rather than broader topics like the research that went into inventing it in the first place.

Above is the exploration map that was generated by imputing a peer reviewed scholarly source. There is an immediate visible difference in the categories listed and the depth of each one and as previously mentioned this thought map is more oriented towards the technology and studies rather than the artificial womb and the test subjects involved. It is also worth noting that there are a vast number of sub categories in the map that include much more information, contrasting the one word sub categories on the map generated by our groups summary.

In conclusion, our group was biased in that we are all pro artificial womb use. The thought map generated by using a scholarly source had much more depth and arguably higher quality resources. The maps are alike in subject matter given the assessment they were used for however the one generated by the summary from myself and my group seems much simpler and more focused on the details of the experiment itself rather than the broader picture of how it came to be or where it was made. Thus even though the map we generated may have been created using biased information, it's more easy to digest and applicable to the presentation we created showcasing the specific workings of the artificial womb and the moral questions it raises.

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