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About Bipolar Disorder: Mind, the Mental Health Charity

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The study of abnormal behavior in which deviates from the social norms of an individual human being, With the potential to affect our Psychological development is known as Abnormal Psychology. There are many traits to Abnormal Psychology, along with many causes, symptoms, and types such as “Mood disorders’.Mood disorders are psychological disorders resulting in anomalous changes in moods and behavior. Causes of mood disorders differ in specific, to the type of disorder such as ‘depression’ which can be caused by many factors that may range from bad childhood to the loss of a loved one. Other common Mood Disorders are Bipolar disorder also known as manic depression, Major depressive and seasonal affective disorders, dysthymic disorder anxiety disorder and alcohol-induced mood disorder. Besides the numerous types of ‘mood disorders’ what separates one from the other is how the disorder is developed in one’s physiological development, and how it affects the individual’s actions and persona. With that being said it is important to know the disorder you are dealing with or have encountered so if treatment is needed, it goes well.

Depression; one the most well known ‘mood disorders” out there. Is Very distinct from a blue mood, Depression is an illness involving the body, thoughts, and moods, that impede with an individual’s everyday life, their normal functionality and the relationship with those who truly care. Depression also categorized as ‘major depressive disorder”, As stated previously is caused by many factors; genetics, medication, abuse, rough childhood, suffer from a loss, major events, substance abuse, and simply personal issues that arise in an individual’s lifetime. Depression is not something you can just turn off and carry on from, it is an overwhelming sadness and loss of interest that is strong enough to make you question your very own existence. It affects how you feel and begins to think, which can and will lead to several emotional and physical conflicts not only within the individual but with those surrounding. Maintaining relationships during depression can be very rough on both parties but sticking it out and continuing to work through it with love, and an ambitious hope for the other is taking another step on the right road to recovery. Treatment to depression varies from a combination of medications to psychotherapy to both, but everyone is different with a different level of depression, that results in a greater study into treatment and medications.

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Manic depression is generally known as ‘bipolar disorder’ is also a serious type of mood disorder. A disorder in the brain that causes unusual shifts in behavior, moods, energy and the ability to do day to day task. Signs of anyone suffering from a manic depressive disorder or “bipolar disorder’ are shown through up and down mood episodes. There is a drastic change in each mood episode, beginning from the usual behavior to an overly excited or happy behavior is known as the Manic Episode. And an extremely sad or hopeless state is known as the Depressive Episode. There is also a state that consists of both emotions at the same time. There are severe symptoms to “bipolar disorder’, symptoms such as raced thoughts, easily distracted, mood episodes, fast-talking, being unrealistic, impulsive to risky decisions, suicidal thoughts, sleeping and eating habits changed and more. The symptoms of this disorder result in relationship fails, ‘low performance in jobs ‘, school, and like most depressive disorders the result of suicide. Although there are no specific causes to ‘bipolar disorder’ as of today, it is said to be very genetic, if bipolar disorder runs in your family chain, the chances of the next generation child being bipolar are higher than those who do not, share those genetics. Treating bipolar disorder can occur over periods of time, with medication that help stabilize the individual’s moods, to keep from constant shifts. Such as ‘mood stabilizers’ and various types of medications.

Persistent depressive disorder, (dysthymic disorder) is a mood disorder that results in being stuck in the state of a depressed mood for at least 2 years or a day to day basis. It is a depression that lays more on the mild to moderate scale, and it is common for people with dysthymia to not be sure of when they first became depressed. Like all disorders, there are symptoms, treatments and sometimes “specific’ causes. Symptoms of persistent depressive disorder consist of overeating, difficulty sleeping, fatigue, low self- esteem, hopeless feelings and so on. Also, those suffering from the persistent depressive disorder may have periods of “normal mood” that last up to 2 months in total. The causes of this mood disorder are not known but said to be related to some changes located in the brain, involving a chemical known as serotonin. Also, ongoing life stress can be a factor to becoming dysthymic, therefore if you have been suffering from continuous stress throughout your life and haven ‘t found ways to expand from it or deal with it you may later begin to suffer from the dysthymic disorder. Treatments to a persistent depressive disorder like most mood disorders, consist of medications (antidepressants…) seeing counselors for help on upcoming life situations. And most importantly keeping yourself in the best condition possible, exercising eating right, hanging out to relieve from stress and etc.

Keep in mind the mood disorders above are only a few of the many mood disorders out there in the world that affect everyday lives. Although depression and mood disorders do not usually have a specific cause to them there are some mood disorders such as ‘Substance-induce disorder/Alcohol-induce disorder’ that are influenced from a cause. The substance-induced disorder is a mood disorder influenced by the result of drug use and alcoholism, a disorder that normally would occur in young adults to older adults previously suffering from a major depressive disorder themselves. This is a mood disorder that occurs when a patient has received drugs as medication to depression, also caused by distress, in work, school family or any other important areas in one’s personal life that influence on such behavior. Such as over-the-counter drugs, prescription medications all in addition to illicit drugs. In negative effect can, in fact, result in the depression / bipolar disorder to be heightened rather than diagnosed properly or effectively. Despite medication as a factor for a substance-induced disorder, it is up to the doctor to determine whether or not the medications prescribed for depression, to the patient is the cause, Or if the patient has struggled from the abusive use of drugs, alcohol or other toxins in which can equally result in a substance or alcohol-induced disorder. A person suffering from substance-induced disorder develop symptoms during the first four weeks of withdrawal or intoxication. Treatment for a substance-induced disorder can be difficult because, usually those suffering may also suffer from an independent mental disorder, and has been studied to seemingly result in a personality disorder based on the effects the drug use has had on the individual’s life values. Yet treatment starts from the absence of the drug over a certain period of time can help the patient but like most disorders, it takes time to know for sure if certain treatment is going well for the individual and altercations to treatment may vary for each.

In conclusion, there are a countless amount of mood disorders out there, that all are results from stress or genetics. As you now know mood disorders are serious health conditions that have the power to change your future if not taken into account. Like most health conditions, Mood disorders can be treated with medication but it takes up a major portion of one’s life to find the right treatment to feel the effect of the medications working. Therefore it is very important to ask a doctor for a checkup if you feel you may have some of the many symptoms of any mood disorder or depression, so you can take the next step to live a normal life with recovery.


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