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“If there is no struggle, there is no progress” – Frederick Douglas. Writing is not an easy process and learning to be a sufficient writer has always been a challenge for me. I can remember many moments in my life where I went through hard times with writing. Although, I would always devote countless hours pondering about what should I write, it felt so difficult to come up with ideas to produce genuine information for a clear piece of writing. But with guidance and practice, I was able to improve my writing skills and become a better writer.

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Good writers use mindfulness and critical thinking to gather words and decorate them in such a brilliant way that would leave the reader in amazement once they start to read it, and to open their minds to limitless possibilities, and obviously this is my goal as a writer as well. Thus, I assigned a good portion of my time to learn vocabulary.

I can recall some of the periods in my educational years. Starting when I was in middle school, it was so difficult for me to master all the grammatical rules and punctuation in writing. Our teacher always taught me how to write poems, little stories, and short essays, which tremendously helped me to learn some of the basic grammatical rules in writing an essay.

As I reached high school, it required more than just basic skills to write a formal and complete essay. So, I started to read effectively, analyze, evaluate, and follow directions to master all writing skills. Also, I was able to use what I have learned in past years during middle school to write paragraphs and research papers. This experience is in fact one of the most important factors in my educational years as a student since it taught me how to blend between formal and creative writing skills that are essential for a high school student and so forth into my future life.

In college, I enjoyed writing. My life has turned the way I imagined in writing well-formed essays, and my writing has become even more proficient. As I remember, I was fortunate enough to putting the effort for two hours a day to learn vocabulary to the best of my ability. It took three to four months to shape out my vocabulary based of four hundred fifty college level words. Soon after I finished this tiring work, I felt even more confident than I was in the early stages of my life, especially middle and high school in writing almost anything. This self-confidence completely changed my view to writing, and it seemed very easy. I was able to express my ideas fluently and for this reason I was able to finish my assignments quicker than before. Also, this helped my oral/verbal skills too. They were affected by this newfound style because now I have my own unique path. I believe that one of the greatest things that we can accomplish through writing is to find our individuality.

On the whole, any writer would confess, the path to master writing skills and become professional is not easy. Every one of us has a very exceptional style in writing an essay because writing is one of the methods that we use to interpret what is in our minds to others. It is evident that each person has different ways of sharing and expressing him/herself. All different types of poems and traditional books have been written underlie an original story filled with emotions. Thus, these books share two major goals. One, to deliver the massage. Two, they want to alter the world with as much influence as they could provide. This is a major goal for any writer. And as I walked through this difficult path, I should make sure that this goal is always there to assist me as a director.

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