Academic English Language Vs Technical English Writing Comparison

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All countries or all nations have their culture, lifestyle, and also their language. English language is one of the most necessary language which will be needed in the future. Because English language is used in most countries and most technologies. We can learn English language in some ways. The most important way is divided into three sections: Academic English, Technical Writing and Academic Reading. And I will tell about two of them which is Academic English, Technical Writing. The purpose is similar to learn English as a professional. However, they are differentiated at some points.

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One important difference is the learning process. In Academic English, the student needs to pay more attention to speaking and listening. The lesson will be organized in conversation and listening tasks, and students converse with somebody or make a speech in the face of many for practice. And there are some students which they shy to speak and students can lose this kind of their feelings. Although, students can have very well speech but they can describe their concepts or their speech on paper. Students can learn the way of writing during the Technical Writing lesson and can improve their creativity during essay writing.

Another difference between Academic English and Technical Writing is difficulties of learning the subjects. Academic English is more difficult to study than other lessons. It requires more education, long term practice. For example, one of the my best difficulty is pronunciation. The students can improve their speaking and listening skills through a long study. That’s why it is required for long-term training. And Technical Writing requires more vocabulary, creativity, and perfect grammar education. There are some difficulties in Technical Writing like spelling, word order, and word choice. But students can improve or arrange this kind of difficulties. The more student learns, the more perfect his or her writing becomes.

Finally, it is time to discuss similarity. Firstly, the purpose of the both of Academic English and Technical Writing is learning English language. And, English language is a future language. Because, every up-to-date technologies have english language and most people can speak English language in most countries. The knowledge that students gain in Academic English will help during job interviews, work presentations and public speaking. However, for writing official letters, documents, and applications a student should learn Technical Writing completely.

In conclusion, both Academic English and Technical Writing are the way of the learning English language and although there are some kind of difficulties and responsibilities, everyone can learn very fast and easily when he or she wants to study. Nothing is immossible.

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