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Personal responsibility plays a different role for everyone, but for me, it reflects all aspects of my life. Personal responsibility is the idea that determines one's ability to take control of their life and all situations that come their way so great results can be achieved. Personal responsibility is simply leading to success, achievement, happiness, and realizing self-actualization. Personal responsibility is the minimum requirement for the accomplishment of what someone wants in their life. Although, the relationship between responsibility and college success goes hand and hand with one another, identifying academic goals for college students taking control of their actions, and being able to use time management skills effectively, achieving college success will not be so far away for an individual.

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Goal setting contributes to college success in many ways. If an individual sets goals and reminds themselves constantly about their goals they will figure out a purpose or way to accomplish those goals. When an individual tends not to consider their goals, most likely they are unable to achieve them. Establishing personal goals is not only important but reminds the importance to a person in what they may value and desire, which can help decide what is important for them to become successful. Most students have long-term goals, usually, these goals are supported by short-term goals. For example, short-term goals such as graduating from college can lead one to accomplish their long-term goals, which may be partaking in a career in their desired position. Motivation can contribute to goal setting to enhance a student to achieve an academic task. Using the motivation tool is a great aspect of learning if the reward and punishment strategy is applied. Hence, using this strategy can make a student more likely to complete their academic task, which means once the task has been completed the student rewards him or herself and if not then punishes themselves.  This strategy can be a great way to motivate an individual and make them successful in their academic goals. One goal as a student is to figure out the purpose for why attending college can provide a path to becoming successful.

Making mistakes is a common error in everyone's life but learning from one's mistakes can help an individual to realize the aspects of what is right and wrong. Students that tend to learn from their mistakes are the ones that can take control of their actions. One's ability to identify the actions that led them in the wrong direction can knowingly save them from repeating mistakes. Being accountable for one's actions is primarily a way for a student to overcome their actions and look at them as a positive outcome. Applying these techniques can help a student sustain great achievement throughout their college experience.

Mastering time management will help a student become more efficient in college. Time management is a skill that one is likely to develop in their daily lifestyle, which helps maintain how to use time effectively. Unfortunately, when a student is unable to inhibit how to use time management in college may lead them to fail. Procrastination is the leading cause of why students tend to fail. Other obligations outside of college may take up some of their time and not knowing how to budget time efficiently, may regularly cause absences from class. Time management skills are skills that should be attained by a student for him or her to be successful in college, and academic goals for college students. 

In conclusion. The knowledge that a student receives will assist them in their professional lives. Personal responsibility is self-actualization, which is a better understanding of who a person is. During the years of childhood, one learns how to become a responsible person, and they then apply this skill that they developed of responsibility, in their adulthood. After understanding the importance of goal setting,  being accountable for one's actions, and how to manage time precisely, I think these three points will help me adapt to becoming a better student. Certainly, by applying these three guidelines as my responsibilities I will not be far away from a successful college student. Following the path to success can be obtained by believing in one's capability and desire to accomplish and success will always follow.

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