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Some will argue that academic interests essays are very similar to purpose letters or those statements you write when you apply to study in an academic institution. In some sense, ... this is the truth. A typical essay about academic interests discusses your motivations, your goals and plans for the future. Students are given this kind of essay to share their plans and aspirations. But, that’s not the only reason for it. Professors also assign them to help the students think about their future, think about their academic interests, and research what they’ll study to prepare for it. In this paper, you need to describe your academic interests, but also include your connection to the subject and the areas that you are most eager to learn. You’ll need to discuss the subjects you’ll study, the professional field you want to work in, and how you need to get there. The key to writing this paper is to make it inspiring, but also keep it real. If there are challenges you’ll be facing once you pursue said interests, you need to describe them to the reader and share your fears and doubts about them. Most importantly, essays about academic interests tell why you’ve chosen those interests in the first place. They should share your inspiration, your motivations, and make the readers understand your vision for your academic future. For example, if you want to become a nurse, your essay should include not only this information. It will include things like where you want to study, what type of education you plan to pursue, where you want to work, etc. But, it should also include the reasons why you chose this as a future profession and decided to dedicate years to become a professional in it. It might be for some personal reasons you’ll share, or simply to help others, which is a rewarding thing on its own. The options are as versatile as the subjects you can study and the jobs you can work. There’s also the matter of how you’ll approach it. Will you tell a story or simply start with your dreams, will you share some information about the field and then explain your motivations, etc. Since this essay gives the reader a peek into your plans for the future, it is very complicated to write. You need to delve deep into your academic aspirations, decide why you picked that course of action, and decide on how you’ll make it happen. If it was prompted by something that happened to you, the idea is to tell the reader what happened and what you learned. You should also talk about your skills and experiences, as well as the things you want to learn in the future. If this is too hard on you and you don’t know where to begin or what to write about, we can help you with it. Here you can find numerous essay examples on academic interests. There are quality, free essays for students that want to study everything from Sociology to Management to Economics to Mathematics. There are also some samples of articles about future educational plans such as where to study in the USA or the plan to enter the W.E.B Dubois Honor Society. These are all free to read and always at your disposal. Use them wisely!
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