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One of the ways in which you as a student or an academics can express your work of art is through academic writing. This is where students use to first carry out a researches instruction to in order the state clear the logical borders in which they have understand very well after gathering the information in that particular areas. Some characters of academic writing include a formal tone, it’s kind of a reporting writing and instead of using active speech we use passive Normally, it is a strong control of the research problem under study and complete word choice. One good example would be, professional languages accepted in other professions, so like in medicine or law, for this case academic writing is aimed to deliver an agreement meaning about difficult thoughts or philosophies for a group of scholarly. In this essay, we will basically be looking at styles used in an academic writing, the fundamentals, the format, in addition, we going to talk over a style of applications of which is academic writing Divine Word University is using in particular.

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In an institution it is very important to have core values in so logic academic writing requires honesty, respect, truth and responsibility in doing research as academic, in teaching or as a student it is important to apply these core values. Core values of the fundamental academic integrity emphasizes on the (5) five values such as honesty- being honest to you-self and what you are doing especially when

When there is honesty, trust would be there because all information is true and others when they read or doing further research based on your paper they will find facts and figures that has been presented.

While doing so you are respecting others rights and dignity especially the ones that you are carrying out your research as a result you producing good results and both parties benefits it bring us to our individual responsibility as a student or a researcher and we deserve the title of profession that are given to us.

When given a topic to discuss on a paper it is basically distributed in to three phase: Phase one is the Pre-writing, enlisting and the final reviewing stage which contains elimination and correcting. First and for most, investigation on your given topic that you going to discuss in the essay and create introductory effort in advance after move into enlisting stage. After you have completed your essay it is essential that you take time to reread and precise it before ending in for the last result.

Regularly when writing it is describing as a linear practice meaning that it has a starting point and a finishing point, moving from first phase to the last phase in a well-organized manner. On the other hand, the writing procedure often involves movement in two opposite directions between both phases and is often other challenging than the exact model represents. If you are working on a larger project, you may have to divide them into smaller portions to make it easy; therefore, you can be at different phases of the writing procedure in various parts of your project. You may also have to make slide changes of on what you supposed were completed as the contents are affected by what you write in other divisions. In addition, new questions may arise along the way that will make it necessary to make a turn to an earlier phase of the process, for example to do further research.

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