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Accessing The Smartphone From Remote Location Using Android Application

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Now-a-days people are mostly dependent on their mobile phones as our needs are fulfilled through mobile phones in our daily routine. To make use of the functionalities people should be in touch with their mobile phone. Sometimes mobile phones may be unreachable from the users; at that time the user think that it would be good to access their mobile phones remotely. In this work people can use a remote phone which is nearby to them as a device to retrieve required data from our smart phone through SMS commands. Security is achieved by providing Password-based Authentication through the SMS command. Using this application people can retrieve needed contacts, call logs and unread messages. The user can also activate alert services remotely, which alerts the owner in the event of multiple missed calls to the target mobile or a low battery. Thus this application can be used to access our smart phone remotely in an efficient manner.

Existing System

Existing system will send the SMS to pre defined message or only retrieve from any one database only. People always want to be in control. They need real time information instantly. With the advance of technology, mobile phone is no longer a luxurious item. It’s easily available and possessed by most population of our country. The popular communication technologies used today are SMS, MMS, GPRS, 3G. Among these, SMS is most widely use. SMS is commonly used for the purpose of data retrieval & enquiry. Based on a query SMS, the result will be looked up from a database and returned to the sender via SMS. Drawback Contacts are not received remotely Particular date’s inbox message not received remotely.

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Proposed System

When the mobile phone user have forgotten the Cell Phone at home and if there is a need to call a person urgently whose contact number is not available at that instant. In that case user have to call home and ask someone to search for that contact and then resend it back. Instead of doing this tedious process one can send an SMS from someone’s cell to his/her own mobile in a predefined syntax: get contacts. The contact name which you wish to get should write the way it is saved in his/her contact list. If one want multiple contacts, then send the initial of the contact name along with the syntax and the application will return all the contacts starting from that initial. Also get particular date’s inbox SMS can be retrieved using this application.

Similarly, the messages that are received in the user’s mobile can be retrieved for a particular date. The application also helps an alert service which can be remotely activated. Once the alert service is activated the application enters into retrieve hearing mode. When the user mobile receives a missed call an alert message will be sent to the remote mobile from which the service has been activated. Password based authentication is included to authenticate the owner of the mobile. Security is provided using this mechanism. The alert service also sends notifications to remote mobile if the battery percentage goes down the limit.


  • Contacts in the phone can be accessed remotely
  • Particular date’s inbox messages can be retrieved
  • Missed call alerts can be activated to know about the recent callers

Module Description


Authentication is the process of verifying the credentials such as username and password of the user and then allows that user to access an application or server. It identifies the user with the passkey sent along with the command. The command is parsed and the further execution is performed only if the password is matched.

SMS Manager Module

SMS Manager is responsible for retrieving unread messages from the phone database. Once authentication is performed, the command is parsed. The command for retrieving SMS is getsms. The SMS messages that are received in the specified date can be retrieved. The application searches the phone database and retrieves all the messages that are received by the target mobile on the specified date. Then the messages are grouped along with the message content and sender number. It is sent back to the remote mobile with the help of reply manager.

Reply manager module

Text messaging, or texting, refers to the exchange of brief written messages between fixed-line phone or mobile phone and fixed or portable devices over a network. SMS Manager contains a powerful rule editor which can be used to automate message processing. Once the different modules retrieve data from the phone database the data are formatted so as to send SMS to the target mobile. The reply manager is responsible for responding to the remote mobile.

Missed Call and Battery Alert System

Mobile phones and other mobile devices have one resource in common that is essential to all of them: battery life. Once the battery is empty, the device is useless until it is recharged. An ideal mobile application will send alert to the Remote mobile. Missed call alert is a service that can be remotely activated by sending commands. Once the alert service is activated the application intimates the user by sending an alert message if the target mobile gets a missed call.


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