Achieving Academic Success: Receiving Support from Others Can Help You Achieve Success

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Academic success needs a patient student that studies hard. It’s not hard to be an academic successful student. There are three steps, which will lead the students to academic success, such as set goals, putting on some rules and having a good friend.

The first step to be an academic successful student is to set up goals. If anyone wants to reach something, they have to set a list of goals. Set specific goals will help the student to put on the first important thing in the top of all their goal list and the less important goal in the end of their goal list. All what they have to do is to bring a piece of paper. Then, they have to think carefully. After that, write a list of what they want to reach first till the last thing they want to reach. Finally, you have to do what is required to achieve what you want. In addition, Set specific goals will help the student to focus more on what they want.

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The second thing student have to do is to put on strict rules for themselves. They have to respect rules to be respected. By putting strict rules for themselves their lives will be clearer and more organized. They should set on rules similarly to (bedtime rule, not to be late rule, not allowed to go somewhere rule…act). Those rules will help the students to manage their life and for sure they will help them to reach success. Students shouldn’t break the rules that they put to themselves. 

Third step to be an academic successful student is to know who to be friends with. Students should be comfortable with the friends they choose. Be friend with everyone, learn from everyone, make great friends and as many as possible. Many people have agreed that friends can lead you to wrong habits. Students should beware who to be friends with. They should try to pick a friend with high marks and good habits, so this friend can help them to success. To know if he is a good friend or not he should help his colleagues and be there for his colleagues when he needs him. Unlike the one that turns his back to his colleagues. Students shouldn’t pick strangers with bad habits to be their friends. Otherwise, those friends will take these students far away from success. That is the reason that will let them have to pick their friends carefully. They should pick friends who will show them to the bright side of success. As an example don’t be friends with people that keep saying negative things like “don’t put your dreams up so high” or it’s hard or you can’t. Be friends with who will support you.

In conclusion, students should try the best to reach what they want. It’s not hard to be an academic successful student. Students shouldn’t be surrounded by negative people. They shouldn’t let other people frustrate them. Any student can get academic success.

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