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Achieving Success: Piece By Piece

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Building triumph out of a failure is a dream to many, yet a reality to few. While most people argue that becoming a successful person is merely a matter of luck, it is more realistic to say that a man makes his own destiny. It takes a great deal of wisdom to create a pathway to success, and an even greater deal of strength and determination to gather that wisdom. In fact, nothing is innate or given. Similarly, anything cited previously can be gained with time and effort, and glorious achievements can be accomplished. Therefore, a successful experience is far from being a coincidence or a lucky shot in the dark. It is studied, planned, built then finished and admired.

What defines success to successful people themselves is not the fame, nor the money, nor whatever outcome one might get once they reach the top. It is the climb from the bottom where their secret lies. Success is to fearlessly take a risk, to tackle a challenge and to overcome a hindrance. Consequently, being successful means having the willingness to hustle through difficult, sometimes delicate situations, whether what is next is known or not. For instance, it is nearly impossible to see Oprah Winfrey bragging about her multi-million-dollar television network when asked about her success. However, she is more likely to talk about how she fought for a spot on her first ever radio show or about how hard it was for her to make a name for herself as an African American woman who speaks out about oppression and discrimination. In a similar manner, when one accomplishes a goal, they tend to focus on the blood, sweat and tears they put into it rather than the final outcome. To illustrate this even further, imagine a student getting a full mark on an assignment: Although the grade had always been the desired result, the student would be prouder of the fact that they could get to such an outcome more than the mark itself. At the end of the day, that grade will not last them forever, but their capacity to get it will. From here, we infer that goals are relative, but the ability to get it to them is consistent. As a consequence, success is related to the willingness and strength the person possesses, not the outcome they get. Moreover, in order to gain a certain profit or desired result, one should make wise decisions.

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If a person sets their mind onto something, they will eventually reach it, but how they reach it is the main point here. Two people can perform the same task in the same circumstances, one of them spending more time and effort into it, and get to the same results. Making educated guesses, looking at the bigger picture and exploring one’s options are all ways to work efficiently and concretely towards success. More times than not, people tend to take the most difficult approach while doing things, especially when it comes to studies or professional matters, and forget that there are easier and faster ways to get the exact same outcome. As a Robert A. Heinlein once said “Progress isn’t made by early risers. It’s made by lazy men trying to find easier ways to do something.” , which suggests that the most effective way to get something done is by figuring out the fastest and easiest method to complete, and the more we get things done the closer we are to success.

Overall, there is no magic recipe to be successful overnight, or at least it has not been figured out yet, or maybe it is kept secret. Nevertheless, a few certain ingredients include humility, willingness to move forward, hard work and wisdom when deciding how to trace one’s path. If all of these are applied, success will become an evidence that will eventually be reached, through time and patience.


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