Across The Nightingale, Tales of the Otori

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Tomaso is a fifteen year old who came from a poor village called Mino even though he and his family was poor they never changed their life style. Tomaso liked to go out all night climbing mountains getting muddy and his mother would always say she would tear to eight pieces when he comes back. However, when he comes back she would cry while cleaning him from all the mud, Tomaso would try wrestle her trying to get away from her hard hug but she will end up wining.

but Tomaso worst memory till this day is not hugging his mother one last time, one day of the sixth month came Tomaso from the hillside covered in mud as he walks he would smell the scent of burning trees. Arrived at his place Tomaso could see clearly that there two men standing beside a dead body. it was the village leader being cut to pieces, he could see the two men wearing jackets and they were a three oak leaf crest.That was the clan of Tohan and their leader lord Lida. Tomaso runs as he sees the two men running behind him. Running scared for his life Takeo pumps into a stranger, as he trying to stand up Tomaso recognizes that man was of high clan, as he scared Tomaso begs the man to help him, the two men request the man for the kid as he asks why draw their swords trying to kill with one clean swift the man killed them both as Tomaso eyes couldn’t catch a thing Tomaso turns to the man and say ” you save my life It belongs to you from day on “ and for some reason that made the man laugh he told me call me lord Otori Shigeru. Takeo grew up with a reclusive and a spiritual people who have taught him only the ways of peace, but he never knew his father, and his father was a gifted assassin who had the power that was called the tribe , under the training that was with lord Otroi realizes but doesn’t tell takeo about but Then Muto Kenji, whom is a member of The Tribe, appears and tells Takeo that he is a member of the Tribe. The people of the Tribe are assassins with special talents like preternatural hearing, the ability to become invisible and to be at two places at the same time. They are also great artists and they can make people fall asleep by looking into their eyes. Takeo becomes an assassin having no problems about killing, but he needs a cover so he becomes an artist on the surface and an assassin beneath it.

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Takeo is told that his father was a member of the Tribe that married a woman from the Hidden, and swore to never kill anyone again. The woman was Takeo’s mother. The Tribe came after him and killed him because he had left the Tribe. The one who killed him was Kenji. Soon, Takeo is told, the Tribe will demand his life and obedience too. When Shigeru and Takeo go to the residence of Shigerus uncles for Takeo’s adoption, the uncles tell Shigeru that they have arranged a marriage for him whit Kaede. He has been unmarried for ten years and the uncles want him out of the way. They hope that the rumor about Kaede bringing death to men is true. The wedding is supposed to take place in Inuyama. Both the Otori lords and Kaede have to travel and they meet half a way and travel the rest of the way to Inuyama together. Lady Maruyama follows Kaede from the Noguchi residence to Inuyama. Kaede and Takeo fall in love with each other. Their love is most unsuitable since Kaede is going to marry Takeo’s adoptive father.

Lady Shirakawa Kaede lives as a hostage in the Noguchi residence. Kaede Is only 15 years old when the story begins and she has been a hostage since she was seven years old. She is from a fine and rich family but she is treated like a maid because of her father’s mistakes (the story doesn’t tell what kind of mistakes). She knows very little about what is happening outside the castle walls until a man dies because of her when he tries to force her to have sex with him. She is allowed to move in with the rest of the ladies at the residence. She is beautiful, young and virgin and men are attracted to her. The lord at the Noguchi residence decides that she is to marry an old man. He dies while celebrating the coming end of his widowhood. He is drinking wine with fiends when he suddenly falls down, stone dead, into the wine cups. Some people say that Kaede brings death to every man who desires her. At the same time she gets a new maid, Shizuka, who follows her through the whole story.

Muto Shizuka and Muto Kenji are members of the Tribe. Kenji is Shizukas uncle and the master of the Muto family. Kenji teaches Takeo some of the things an assassin needs to know. Shizuka is also Takeo’s cousin. She pretends to be a girlish servant but it is a cover because she is also an assassin. The Tribe asks Takeo to come and live with them. Lord Otori Shigeru, the man who adopts Takeo has other plans. He is seeking revenge. He finds Takeo and starts planning how Takeo could assassinate Lord Iida. Iida has hired people to kill Shigerus brother and succeeds. He is a cruel warlord who rules his country with iron hands. Not many people like him. Shigeru is patient and kind to his servants and vassals and the people of the Otori land love him. Lady Maruyama Naomi is Shigerus secret love and the most powerful woman in a country where women have barely any power at all. Except for her own daughter Kaede is her closest living relative which makes Kaede the heir of Lady Maruyamas grate domains. The domains lay next to Kaede’s father’s domains.

The message

I have no idea what the book message really is but I can tell that the book is absolutely amazing. I liked it because there happened things all the time. You never had to wait for things to happen. I also liked it because I’m very fond of fantasy- books. I thought this about the nightingale floors was very interesting. It is fascinating how they could create floors that can sound like birds. I also think the author was particularly good at explaining what was happening and the language was easy to read and understand, and I think this is important when I read. At first I thought there were too many names and places to remember but when I had read for a while I got used to it and it wasn’t too hard to remember the names. The book is written in an easy language and I had no problems understanding the book. It was little unrealistic since people are able to be invisible and be in two places at the same place. It is a fantasy-book. The nightingale floors are real and they can be seen in Kyoto and some other places in Japan. The book was realistic, except from the members of the Tribe, and I can imagine that it was like this in for example Japan a long time ago.

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