Actions Can Be More Powerful than Words

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Actions Can Be More Powerful Than Words

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A person’s action is more important than a person’s words. They may say things they don’t mean or something untrue. If you judge a person by their actions instead, you will see them for who they truly are.  

An example of trusting someone’s words when they shouldn’t have is in the movie “The Lion King”. The scar was jealous of Mufasa. Mufasa was the king and he ruled fairly. He also always thought about what was best for his kingdom and the animals living there. However, Scar just wanted to be in control of the animals. And he wanted to take over the land his brother loved. Simba, Mufasa’s son, was next in line for the throne. Scar came up with a plan to make sure that didn’t happen. He told Simba to meet him in a valley to learn how to roar. Then, he ran to tell Mufasa that he was in danger. They both ran to find him and when they did, there was a stampede of wildebeests running towards Simba. Mufasa tried to save him but he fell and tried holding on to the cliff. Scar, instead of helping, stepped on his paws and pushed him off. He then made Simba believe that his father’s death was his fault. He suggested Simba run away and never return. Scar took over the kingdom. Because Scar was Simba’s uncle, he believed what he said and did as he was told.  

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In the book, “Inexcusable”, Keir has a best friend named Gigi.  They are close and end updating. When they go to visit Keir’s sisters at college, their driver leaves, and they get stuck there. They end up staying in a visitor’s room and have to share a bed. Keir finds this the perfect opportunity to show Gigi how much he loves her. He goes to kiss her, and she says no. He then continues to rape her and while doing so, he says “I love you”. When he is finished, she tries to leave and he won’t let her. She was shocked. The Keir that she was seeing was not the one she knew and loved. She says, “I thought you were better than this”. Keir can tell Gigi “I love you” as many times as he wants, but it doesn’t mean anything. If he really loved her, he would have stopped when Gigi told him to.  

Friends shouldn’t do things that make other friends lose trust in them. My little brother had a friend who he trusted with his life. He would tell his friend everything. One day, my brother got bullied at school. And the first thing he did when he got home called his friend. His friend calmed him down and told him everything would be okay, that he would try to handle it. Instead of doing that, however, he goes and tells his girlfriend what happened. The next day, he arrives at school only to be called a “snitch”. He was devastated because he lost his best friend and was still getting bullied.  

Words are things people say. People say things to get what they want. Actions are things that define people. If someone does what they say they will, it shows what type of person they are. 

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