AD Analysis: Maybelline’s 1980s Moisture Whip Lipstick

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The poster advertisement I chose was the Maybelline’s 1980s Moisture Whip Lipstick advertisement. The company (Maybelline) provides both of poster advertisement and video commercial which is modelled by an American actress, singer, songwriter, model, and beauty pageant titleholder, who was crowned Miss World America 1972 –Lynda Carter aka Wonder Woman. On the other hand, this ad analysis of mine will be focusing more on analysing the poster advertisement instead of the video commercial, because it was the first one I saw than the video commercial and knowing that it was also the one that caught up my attention.

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It was very noticeable that the model utilized the idea of demand gaze by which she was directly looking at the viewer or at the camera. The size of the frame was a medium close shot, because even her shoulders and hands are visible. While the camera angle that was used was an eye level shot, because the camera and the eye of the model are in the same exact position. The colour that was very dominant to observe is blue, and usually the colour blue is associated to water, while we all know that the task of the water is to keep everyone hydrated and add moisture to anything that is dry, and so, considering the model dips in the pool at the same time holding the product itself, gives the viewers a hint that the product is not just an ordinary lipstick that added colour unto our lips but also it promotes moisture and a waterproof effect. It was also very obvious that the size of the image of the model and the lipsticks were larger than the texts, because it is proven that images are more attractive than texts; however, the tagline and the name of the product and the company were also enlarge for its purpose is to be more readable and remarkable to eyes of the viewers, while on the other hand, the description is just an added flavour to the poster because it is written in a very small size yet the viewers can still read it.

The source of this ad is from a very well-known company which is more than a hundred years in the business and was known as the Maybelline. Consumers of mostly women of all ages could be the audience of the product (Maybelline’s Whip Moisture Lipstick). The product’s tagline “Pick color so moist it licks your lips” promotes that once you used the product you’ll get to have the chance of having healthier looking lips. One of the most noticeable Persuasion Techniques present in the poster advertisement was the Celebrities, because the model in the advertisement namely Lynda Carter is a famous celebrity in the United States of America and she could be a very good influencer to the viewers. All of those things I’ve noticed in the poster advertisement I’ve chosen were enough to say that the advertisement were very effective in promoting and conveying their thoughts and ideas to the viewers. And also I have realized that if each of us is familiar in analysing advertisements maybe it could be easier for us to distinguish the differences between effective and ineffective advertisements.

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